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  1. You're right maybe give that ability to the spitter spiders
  2. Well that does sound useful for hunting. It's a good suggestion!
  3. Maybe, maybe not. Perhaps they can make some silk bags for the player to put items in. Webber could claim the the other shells "might get lost in all the spiderness" or something. It's a thought.
  4. I for one, is very excited about the (eventually) upcoming Webber Update. I took a quick glance at what people are are talking about when it comes to Webber, I've seen some interesting suggestions, but I'd like to chip in my own: What is better than being friends with spiders? BEST FRIENDS! The idea is that by some means upgrading your current Spider Followers into an Evolved form. Either by maintaining their "friendship" for long enough, or by feeding them a new consumable, which will trigger the transformation. When they transform they'll barf themselves out of their exoskeleton, revealing their new form and leaving their old shell behind. this shell can then be picked up by Webber to make the Spider follow him(Like the Extra-Adorable Lavae, and it's Tooth). You'll either get: Worker Spider, transformed normal Spiders, Worker Spiders are slightly buffed with more health but no extra damage. They are however able to chop trees just like befriended pigs. Guardian Spiders, Would be evolved from Warrior spiders, boosted in both health and Damage these can either be left as base for protection, or follow the player out hunting. Armored Spiders, previously Cave Spiders, get a boost in Health and Damage as well as boost to their armor, making them useful to bring to boss fights. Spike-Spitter Spiders, transformed Spitter Spiders have increased range and Damage to their web attacks, but only slight increase to their overall health. Dangling Depth Dwellers, I find hard to see an overall specialty for them, maybe a combinations of the Worker Spider and Guardian Spider, increased health and damage and can chop down mushtrees.(Might be fair considering how rare they are) The overall changes to how these spiders would work: They've got a slight increase in size so they can no longer be caught using a rabbit trap. When not following Webber they're not hostile to other mobs (Unless!) They need to be fed, they can eat anything made from meat, and will look unhappy/bite the player when they're too hungry, if their hunger deplete completely, they either loose health and die, or revert back to a normal spider. These spiders will not eat meat straight from the ground right away, meaning they won't eat your loot, but it's also not too efficient to just leave a pile of monster meat on the ground for them to eat, it's easier to just feed them. Of course other players will not be able to use these spider followers, when they attempt to pick up a shell they'll claim to be too repulsed to touch it: "EWW! GROSS!" "It's all cold and slimy" and a quote for Wolfgang "Wolfgang won't touch that!". The shells doesn't stack but to not gather too a massive army, maybe have a cap for how many shells he can carry,say six or five? Upon reaching the max amount Webber will state "Too many friends! Too crowdy!" Or something. Lots of other good ideas floating around with Webber, but please tell me what you think!
  5. When I entered the Volcano I noticed it was full moon despite me arriving to it at night, I went back to my boat and sure enough, they appear to be on different Lunar Calaenders, and the Volcano seems to be a day behind! Very weird! See for yourselves:
  6. Things to improve hamlet

    Seems fair enough.
  7. Handkerchief

    I like this. This is a good suggestion.
  8. The Warbucks mourning thread.

    I'll always regret I won't be able to play as him! I should have when I had the chance!
  9. Don't Starve: Hamlet Roadmap

    This makes me sad.
  10. Don't Starve: Hamlet Roadmap

    I really want to see the return of Warbucks if possible, please Klei!
  11. This is something I've noticed just now. A Hippopotamoose apperently died close to a Lily pad and it's loot got stuck on top. I traveled a bit further up and saw that Bramble had spawned on top of a Lily Pad. Surely this isn't intentional?
  12. Pigeon in bird trap

    This has happened to me a couple of times, could it be that since it's a bird from a DST event, instead of leaving loot behind it simply despawns and that's what has happened? I've caught a few pigeons so it doesn't happen all the time.
  13. End's Well give gem for grass

    Apparently it can happen with Twigs too
  14. Did you kill them all?
  15. I've been farming Nightmare Fuel by the End's Well, I was feeding grass and twigs to make Shadow Creatures spawn. But as I was feeding it grass, I accidentally got a Gem? I put in another grass and a Shadow Creature spawned. I then went on and then it happened again. I am not sure what caused this but it seems like an exploit.