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  1. When I entered the Volcano I noticed it was full moon despite me arriving to it at night, I went back to my boat and sure enough, they appear to be on different Lunar Calaenders, and the Volcano seems to be a day behind! Very weird! See for yourselves:
  2. I really want to see the return of Warbucks if possible, please Klei!
  3. This is something I've noticed just now. A Hippopotamoose apperently died close to a Lily pad and it's loot got stuck on top. I traveled a bit further up and saw that Bramble had spawned on top of a Lily Pad. Surely this isn't intentional?
  4. This has happened to me a couple of times, could it be that since it's a bird from a DST event, instead of leaving loot behind it simply despawns and that's what has happened? I've caught a few pigeons so it doesn't happen all the time.
  5. I've been farming Nightmare Fuel by the End's Well, I was feeding grass and twigs to make Shadow Creatures spawn. But as I was feeding it grass, I accidentally got a Gem? I put in another grass and a Shadow Creature spawned. I then went on and then it happened again. I am not sure what caused this but it seems like an exploit.
  6. This is not a direct bug my friend. Spider Monkeys will not re-spawn once all have been killed. They function much like Beefalo in that they need other Spider Monkey's around to re-populate.
  7. I can't place structures or Nettles in the Jungle Biome, at least the spot closest to my base. I cleared the Area early game from Spider Monkeys, could their placement hindrance still be left there? I could place a couple Nettles(the ones you see around me) but the lines going across the Jungle floor were narrow and flowed randomized on the floor. I am pretty sure my Spider Monkey theory is true, because there is nothing else there that could hinder building.
  8. There is a crater layered over a Iron Hulk part. Nothing else, thought I'd mention it.
  9. I was mining Iron Hulks and sometime they get stuck in their "active" animation despite being inactive. This is usually solved by hitting them with the pick-axe once. This was very annoying when the Leg Hulk kept doing it's lightning animation, lightning striking it over and over.
  10. I cracked up a pot by the Wishing Well, and it caught the feather and now I can't pick it up. Then I hit the pillars, and the rocks feel down on the well and now they're stuck.