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  1. Dunno, venom is really annoying to fight against, especially early game. No clue how that could affect PvP. But some Spider-Based Weapons would be a good idea.
  2. Yeah this seem fair. Could give the item an actual use, they should do that something similar with the Grass Suit.
  3. Another idea I came up with the other day. If the special food that "evolve" normal spiders are given to a Spider Queen, she will make purring sound and 'give' the player a warrior spider that follow them, similar to how giving normal meat to a spider. To a maximum of three maybe? just a quick way to get some warriors spiders to follow you.
  4. I see a lot of people talk about Webber riding the Spider Queen, but I honestly don't see why he would? Beefalo being rideable are a an all-character thing in DST, I don't see why Webber need his own mount, or what it's purpose would be. The spider Queen is slow and steady so it will take ages to get anywhere, the only advantage she has on the Beefalo is that she has more health and do more damage. I am all for letting him sleep in Spider Dens tho, even if that can be overpowered and need to ne nerfed somehow, like he can't use it as a limitless tent. Perhaps if you sleep in it too frequently, the tier actually go down to 2 again? So he can't sleep it in again without upgrading it, and maybe adding a 1% chance that when he try to sleep in it a Spider Queen will spawn? Sound fair to you guys?
  5. I don't know if this is "Exteme power", not anymore than Winona's inventions, as he will have a limit to how many can follow him, and all the ones he'd keep at base, he'd need to keep them all fed. Got this idea from the Royal Guards from Hamlet, as they have a tenancy to attack all monsters they see, and I'd like to avoid that.
  6. Hello! I am a Long time Webber main who always pick Webber when the chance is available. As we close in on the character suggestions for Webber(I hope) I have been sitting on this idea for a while and with craft-able recipes have been introduced I though I'd re-tune this idea of Mine: Webber will be able to 'upgrade' Normal Spiders, Spider Warriois, Cave Spiders and Spitter Spiders. Each spider would have their own recipe, that when fed to the spider would trigger a "transform" animation, showing the spider opening it's mouth, metamorphing into it's new form by crawling out of it's own mouth, leaving it's old shell behind on the ground. When the shell is picked up it will act like the Eye-bone for chester, or like the Lavae Tooth for the Extra-Adorable Lavae, with the spider that transformed following Webber around. This spider will have more health, never leave Webber's side(unless the shell is left at base), will not eat meat directly off the ground like a regular spider and not attack Neutral Mobs(or other players) unless provoked. The Downside is that there is a limited amount of of them can be followed by one Webber, and a limited number of them on one server at a time. If a non-Webber player tries to pick up the shell, they're reply with something like. "No way I am touching that!" or "I better leave this stuff to Webber". When Webber tries to pick up too many shells he'll say something like: "Too many friends! They get Jealous!" or "It's too crowded!". The Spider also need to be Fed like a Extra-Adorable Lavae or Tall Bird Chick, and start attacking things unless properly fed. I had a bit of an idea that depending on what spider you feed, you get a different Result: Default Spider: This will become a Worker Spider, it can chop wood and help Webber get out of Ewecus Snot, and will behave like a regular pig would. Warrior Spider: This will be a Spider designed for Combat, increased Damage and Health, these can be used for hunting or guarding a base. Cave Spider: As the cave spider already has a shell, I was thinking it would become larger with even more health, and damage resistance. Perfect for tanking attacks from larger mobs or bosses.(Maybe also give it a chance to drop it's shell upon death, with will be similar to a shellmet) Spitter: Spider designated for DPS, will stay away from mobs and attack them from afar with their web. Dangling Depth Dweller: I don't have a Good idea yet for how these could be upgraded other than damage and Health, but I don't want to leave our spider brothers from belong hanging. Just like Woodie can craft the Totems for Transforming, Webber would need a Totem for each of the spiders, feeding the wrong totem to the wrong spider might only yield the spider as a temporary follower. I am thinking the Normal ones would have Monster Meat and something else, maybe more meat? But for the Cave Spider Recipe I thought about adding minerals like Marble or Gold and then have the new shell shine like the Mineral consumed. Maybe the Depth Dweller's would contain Nightmare Fuel? (Yes I am aware I was missing the Shattered Spiders, but I don't have a neat idea for them either so far) Please tell me what you think below! I am reposting this as my previous post got to old it was deleted.
  7. When I entered the Volcano I noticed it was full moon despite me arriving to it at night, I went back to my boat and sure enough, they appear to be on different Lunar Calaenders, and the Volcano seems to be a day behind! Very weird! See for yourselves:
  8. Don't Starve: Hamlet Roadmap

    This makes me sad.
  9. Don't Starve: Hamlet Roadmap

    I really want to see the return of Warbucks if possible, please Klei!
  10. This is something I've noticed just now. A Hippopotamoose apperently died close to a Lily pad and it's loot got stuck on top. I traveled a bit further up and saw that Bramble had spawned on top of a Lily Pad. Surely this isn't intentional?
  11. Pigeon in bird trap

    This has happened to me a couple of times, could it be that since it's a bird from a DST event, instead of leaving loot behind it simply despawns and that's what has happened? I've caught a few pigeons so it doesn't happen all the time.
  12. End's Well give gem for grass

    Apparently it can happen with Twigs too
  13. Did you kill them all?
  14. I've been farming Nightmare Fuel by the End's Well, I was feeding grass and twigs to make Shadow Creatures spawn. But as I was feeding it grass, I accidentally got a Gem? I put in another grass and a Shadow Creature spawned. I then went on and then it happened again. I am not sure what caused this but it seems like an exploit.
  15. This is not a direct bug my friend. Spider Monkeys will not re-spawn once all have been killed. They function much like Beefalo in that they need other Spider Monkey's around to re-populate.