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  1. I've been farming Nightmare Fuel by the End's Well, I was feeding grass and twigs to make Shadow Creatures spawn. But as I was feeding it grass, I accidentally got a Gem? I put in another grass and a Shadow Creature spawned. I then went on and then it happened again. I am not sure what caused this but it seems like an exploit.
  2. This is not a direct bug my friend. Spider Monkeys will not re-spawn once all have been killed. They function much like Beefalo in that they need other Spider Monkey's around to re-populate.
  3. I can't place structures or Nettles in the Jungle Biome, at least the spot closest to my base. I cleared the Area early game from Spider Monkeys, could their placement hindrance still be left there? I could place a couple Nettles(the ones you see around me) but the lines going across the Jungle floor were narrow and flowed randomized on the floor. I am pretty sure my Spider Monkey theory is true, because there is nothing else there that could hinder building.
  4. There is a crater layered over a Iron Hulk part. Nothing else, thought I'd mention it.
  5. I was mining Iron Hulks and sometime they get stuck in their "active" animation despite being inactive. This is usually solved by hitting them with the pick-axe once. This was very annoying when the Leg Hulk kept doing it's lightning animation, lightning striking it over and over.
  6. I cracked up a pot by the Wishing Well, and it caught the feather and now I can't pick it up. Then I hit the pillars, and the rocks feel down on the well and now they're stuck.
  7. The BFB is stuck and now its's pieces are far apart. The tail is closer to the head than the legs are! I've talked about this before in this ticket: But this is just silly? Is there something I can do to remove it? The bird does not respond to the character standing under it.

    Yeah this happened to me as well. I am pretty sure they're intended.
  9. Hippopotamoose seems to be swimming on land. I killed it so it sort of was solved. But you know, thought I should told.
  10. BFB Bug and spawnign issue.

    Played around with the Bird Whistle and now I've had two BFB spawned at once. So I guess that's a thing?
  11. I've seen other people post that here before, do you're not alone at least. Question: Why would you do drop a Jellyfish in the ponds?
  12. BFB Bug and spawnign issue.

    Weirder still, it still spawned and got into the pig village! It only destroyed my house and flew away!
  13. It's just as it sounds. My Mants ruins contain no trace of the Pherostone. I've looked through it but I aint finding nothing... I've looked though all cracks I believe so it couldn't be there...
  14. BFB Bug and spawnign issue.

    I can confirm the bird is still there, I haven't tried to hammer the skeleton yet, but I might try it later.