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QOL update speculations

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13 hours ago, Wyulliam said:

The most important of all:


In DST, all that you see on screen is revealed in the map. In DS, it is not. That is hell of a improvement. And one of the most important for me

What's the point of fog of war in singleplayer?
Nothing will happen in the area unless you're in that area

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Why does no one mention RESOURCE VARIANTS? I think it is very likely that Juicy Berries and Twiggy Trees will be added.

However, I think that the most important addition would be Ruins Regeneration. Adding the Fuelweaver to reset the Ruins would add so much more potential to the end game.

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mushroom farms maybe?

mushtree blooms( spores)

Meteor showers (please oh god no!) 

Klaus? This one is a far stretch, but the update comes the 20th, only a few days before Christmas. this isn't a Q.O.L feature though.

Regrowth( everyting grows back/ is renewable) unless that's already a thing. DS singleplayer could benefit from regrowth since  summer burns away entire forests and certain resources are non-renewable.

we have to keep in mind that DST is multiplayer and that a lot of features are balanced around a lot of players in a limited space. 


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