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  1. Am I the only one who skimmed through patch notes to the part "story" mode and got hyped?
  2. Well, everything requires more coding, question how much coding depends on the structure of the project itself (how they had leveraged OOP, design patterns and so on). It may be easy or tricky. But, I don't know how would this affect the balance of the game itself?
  3. well, I am not surprised that the new character got delayed - one thing is optimistic estimates and another the reality, when facing unpredictable obstacles, among other things. But I wouldn't' say it's " so soon". That said, it is not simple implementation and we got plenty of new features to play around that is spillover from the development of new character, which makes the wait around this mystery character, all the worthwhile.
  4. So in conclusion, no matter how much you do the optimization, you will get bested by Unity. Best you can do, is reduce the impact of performance hogs, hope for the best, and also, that new generation CPU's (preferably intel) will leverage multi-threading to the max.
  5. I am pretty sure someone will mod him back in,that won't be much of the problem. I only wonder if someone will try to balance it,so it can be played outside of Hamlet, cause clearly Klei decided to drop character concept.
  6. At the moment, game "blackholes" (crashes) ruin gameplay experience and there are quirks which hinder it too and progression , it's hardly on high priority to fix eye candy, for the sake of immersion. I mean sure, at the end everyone is entitle to it's own opinion, but missing icons and some sprites don't halt progression or crash game just when you have got everything set up after hours of playing.
  7. Um you meant beta ? It's not trivial thing to make HitD working with DST,aside from that DST still receives patches so I think best course of action would be to wait until patch become less frequent or finished,to avoid necessity to patch mod each time new patches is released. Besides this mod is focused on single player experience (at least that's how I see it) and question, is at current state how will it turn out in MP.
  8. For anyone who is interested in fixing bug themselves rather than wait for hotfix,It's easy to fix as, Death mentioned she renamed constant but forgot to also apply change to all initialized constants in code.Head into HitD/scripts/prefabs/fa_lightningsword.lua: inst.components.spell.spellname = "fa_lightningstun" inst.components.spell.duration = HOLDPERSON_DURATION //should be LIGHTNINGSWORD_STUN_DURATIONEdit:At the time of writing I didn't look in git repo's but Death has fixed bug and add following (look beneath) There is one more thing to take care off,until next update if you can't wait to play.You probably haven't encounter this problem but you probably will if you don't add following condition to statement if not(target:HasTag("fa_undead") or target:HasTag("fa_contruct")) then//original//like this//if not (target:HasTag ("fa_undead") or target:HasTag("fa_contruct") or target:HasTag("player")) thenWhat this condition does is to make sure stun effect doesn't affect you in any way it won't affect you but it will confuse you because stars would show above your head,it's more of visual annoyance (is it actually possible to stun yourself ?Or it would cause crash). Edit:Hotfix is released no longer is this required
  9. @Death That is helpful I will probably do both (once I get home I will send you pull request).There is typo in commit de4c438 (fa_potions.lua ) local function winecommon(inst,eatfn)inst:AddComponent("finiteuses")isnt:RemoveComponent("stackable") // typo - shouldn't it be inst:RemoveComponent ("stackable")inst.components.finiteuses:SetOnFinished( onfinished)inst.components.finiteuses:SetMaxUses(3)inst.components.finiteuses:SetUses(3)
  10. It may be in dev version (one that is in git repositery,that is if you have set up git) but hotfixes tend to roll out slowly,since if I have understood properly kraken has to upload whole mod each time he make slight change on this forums.In any case this can be useful for other people to fix bug on fly since it's now just matter of copy/paste until hotfix version is not released. I will also fix (if able ) bugs as I encounter them and post solution here in same manner as above,again to help you people and those who are not patient enough to wait for hotfix (until offical hotfix is released and if kraken doesn't mind it)
  11. In case you haven't done yet,to save you the trouble (although it's really minor and easy to fix bug) , I have fixed bug where holy sword doesn't show up when equipped,this is what is left out of code (holysword.lua): local function onequip(inst, owner) //body of functionend // end of onequip inst.components.equippable:SetOnEquip (onequip) --> This is missing from code inst.components.equippable:SetOnUnequip(onunequip) return instend // end of fn
  12. Congrats on you first beta version (it definitely took a lot of time to get there)
  13. That makes sense I suppose.Then again I think modding would benefit further if it was a bit more streamlined (If game has a proper Mod editor,which isn't possible)..My experience with script language extends as far as Groovy and essentials of JavaScript(I prefer Groovy over Javascript,for some obvious reasons and because I use it mostly for tests),however I can see why it's tempting and how small indie team can benefit (but than again when I watched Youtube clip where Kevin was presenting their engine I had impression they had only vague idea in what they were getting into with this approach at beginning of developing Don't starve). True and I had my share of this in the past which is all part of learning,trial and errors (not that I am now all knowing person I have still lot to learn).I had also seen couple of examples so yeah you are right. Edit:I forgot to say,thanks for the tip regarding my question that I wrote two days ago.
  14. Heh,I can't wait to see what you have for them in store.I don't really have all that much time now at all ( excpect when I throw exception - I am joking this related to Java and it's probably bad joke but Death may get it). Somehow I managed to get myself involved in developing an application for android (where I am actually only person who is doing it,others are just messing around),and even though it's fun and useful experience (learning all about Android system and "nicer" side of Java -like hell,I am going to break my pc because of Android Studio,that IDE is devouring computer resorces like a monster causing all kind of funny slowdowns and Grandle is slow,you get a feeling that projects takes all time in the world there is to build itself),it tends to become dredful so brief moments I allow myself to play Don't Starve is "relaxing" and your mod keeps game fresh so it never grows old (at least for me). Also it's intresting exploring source code and coming across juicy "comments" from time to time left by Death Anyway I am still trying to understand why would devs choose to use Lua for almost 70% in this game.After all,large project written in scripting language can become such mess and hard to maintain (or so I heard).
  15. Out of curiosity do you plan to add rouge class ? I have some ideas which I plan to use on Wilson (since my artistic skills suck that much and my sister don't want to do me a favor and just draw nice looking rouge ...) for personal use.When we are at that is there any way to make all agressive creatures neutral towards you for short amount of time ?You don't need to tell me how to do it (I won't hold grudge if you do and save me trouble of finding out how on my own) but some direction would be much appreciated,If you don't mind . Uh,I am having bit of trouble to understand this part.Do you mean "Thank god they are so rare" ? If so,I agree ... they should be called Thunder Goats,since when thunder strikes them they become ... menace.