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This is Warrack the Prechewed Tree, he is a community member of the Klei forums.

He's a tree. What other explanation is necessary?

Pros and Cons


He freezes slower.

He takes a lot of fire damage.

He needs to eat less.

He has a smaller stomache.

He smells like a car freshener.


What's New in Version 0.7.5   See changelog


  • ACTUALLY Fixed Stupid stuff
  • Needs a trombone for his sounds

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When you get the chance, can you Upload this onto the Steam workshop as well?


I would love to join the Dst server, but still gotta wait for Mac compatibility. :razz:

Doing so shortly.

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I have an idea for a con: Since Warrack is 'prechewed' they should start off with some health missing. Not a large amount. Maybe ten or so.

Interesting, like how sometimes the maxhealth thing would glitch. Nice. I'll look into that.

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