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Telestone v2.0

Graphics by Raccoon Superhero

Character quotes by Silentdarkness1

Mark location with telepstone, and recall to that location at later time.

Marked location shows on minimap.

Teleporting will cost you 40 sanity or 30 health and 20% of the stone.

Mark and reset actions don't have any cost.

You can reset marked location by holding Ctrl key and right clicking over telestone.

Stone will recharge by 20% every fullmoon night, when you are on surface.

To craft the stone you need 15x nightmare fuel, purple gem and shadow manipulator.

You can craft only ONE telestone per save.

What's New in Version 2.0   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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It crashes? What a shame :(


If it worked, then you'd also need to make a DLC version of this one day, making this with a magic machine of tier 3 in the game (tier 3 only with DLC that's why). The reason this would be tier 3 because telelocator staff and telelocator focus are both tier 2 and this is better version of them both, so. Fix this mod and make a DLC version of it!

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says to be disabled after I enable it, also says mod has crashed

It wont work on current standalone version, you need to have latest steam version of the game.

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