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Dell Conagher, The Engineer from TF2, has stumbled into the world of Don't Starve!


RoG and normal game compatible.

Should be compatible with other mods.


*Spawns with a wrench (This is a weapon that deals identical damage to a tentacle spike, has no durability)

*Spawns with four gears, because he's an engineer.

*Lower health and hunger, for balance.

I plan to add a a lot more to this! Please message me ideas you want to see or anything like that.

Current ideas:

*Engineer hard hat - Works like a football helmet

*Sentry - Deals damage to enemy threats.

Things that still need to be done:

*Some tweaks to the art files

*Pretty much all of the voice lines.

*New things!

Thanks for checking out this mod. Tell me any bugs you may encounter, and I will get around to fixing them.

What's New in Version V1.0.1   See changelog


  • v.1.0.1 - crashed when started, resolved.

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Make the sistem to upgrade sentry with gears

ADD teleport - works like wormholes but you need to build 2 to start them working

ADD dispenser - when you are close to it you gain food and health (super slowly) but you lose sanity REALY FAST!!!

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Balloonicorn to use on back and gain sanity

Also, the sentry is a must have for this mod. If you could script that, it would be awesome.

The Sentry Is something this mod must HAVE! make it be very cheap since he is engineer and make it Protect like houndius shootus but faster Shooting range and speed.

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