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  1. Doom Mod

    You should really remake the graphics to give it the dont starve feel. I am sure you can do it. JUST DO IT! DO IT! MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE!
  2. XP Pack

    PLS upload this for dont starve SHIPWRECKED.
  3. The Engineer [Character Mod]

    Make the sistem to upgrade sentry with gears ADD teleport - works like wormholes but you need to build 2 to start them working ADD dispenser - when you are close to it you gain food and health (super slowly) but you lose sanity REALY FAST!!!
  4. Miniature Tipi

    Interesting... can you make mod about regular wooden house for sleeping?
  5. UFO

    What is the point of this mod?
  6. Custom Character: Twilight Sparkle

    IT BURNSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! MY EYES ARE MEALTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AGGGHGHNmjhzbjsdtlkmznet hj.lú.ůlúk,lůk.ůl l.skg,dmhv xyKdweščříářýéž
  7. Additional Equipment

    Why dont you make the marble helmet just looks like a helmet?...
  8. Additional Equipment

    GOLDEN WEAPONS AND ARMOR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Additional Equipment

    Great mod I love it. I got a question can you add new ore that can be smellted in fireplace (cook in the stupid way) to make like iron sword, tools, armor, ... Please can you add that ?
  10. Dr. Gordon Freeman + Combine invasion

    What if you can srap the guns to turn them in a metal thingy and other thing.