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    Dell Conagher, The Engineer from TF2, has stumbled into the world of Don't Starve! Get the mod at: http://steamcommunit...s/?id=385214831 RoG and normal game compatible. Should be compatible with other mods. Traits: *Spawns with a wrench (This is a weapon that deals identical damage to a tentacle spike, has no durability) *Spawns with four gears, because he's an engineer. *Lower health and hunger, for balance. I plan to add a a lot more to this! Please message me ideas you want to see or anything like that. Current ideas: *Engineer hard hat - Works like a football helmet *Sentry - Deals damage to enemy threats. Things that still need to be done: *Some tweaks to the art files *Pretty much all of the voice lines. *New things! Thanks for checking out this mod. Tell me any bugs you may encounter, and I will get around to fixing them.