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Dib is an eccentric young boy who possesses a fascination with unexplained paranormal phenomena, such as ghost hunting, Ufology, and cryptozoology, as well as with the supernatural and occult.

standart stats:

hunger: 200

sanity: 100

health: 150


- slow sanity reg

- If a ghost haunts him, it will get resurrected

(if so h will get -40 hunger, -10 sanity, -20health(can be reduced by armor))


- damagemultiplier (0.8)

This mod is still in development, please let me know about balancing requests and other input / stuff

If the game crashes when you try to select Dib you have to disable small textures in the options.

What's New in Version 0.82   See changelog


  • - sharpend the character
  • - fixed a bug with resurrection after death
  • - balancing

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@outseeker, at this moment he talks like wilson as it is version 0.1 and not finished, Gir was the same, but now has some own speech (all zim lines are removed), but not finished 100%.

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