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  1. new zhaoyun

    it would be cool having more dynasty warriors / warriors orochi characters like lu bu, cao pi, cao cao, tadakatsu honda, lu bu and the almighty motherfucking badass nobunaga oda

    too simple, does not even look like a mod, its more like a simple shitty mod like many others
  3. Dr. Ivo Robotnik V.

    he needs a custom audio : PINGAS !!!!!!!
  4. The Engineer [Character Mod]

    needs a shotgun just like in the game, the more your sentrys are destroyed, the more powerfull the shotgun will be
  5. Ratchet DST

    we want ******* clank
  6. Covenant of Souls [Beta]

    when i saw covenant i thought of dark souls
  7. Dust

    could have fidget
  8. Solaire of Astora

    would be nice having ornstein
  9. Crash Bandicoot

    good idea man, i am happily wainting for other crash bandicoot characters, please make tiny tiger
  10. Neo Cortex DST

    awesome man, cortex is one of my favorite villains from crash series, please make tiny tiger form crash bandicoot 2/3, or even dingodile from crash 3, and last but not least a cool character to make would be ripper roo or crunch
  11. Solaire of Astora

    please make ornstein, or artorias ( change chester for sif ) or hawkeye gough