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Apologies for the lack of updates on this thread! I promise we are trying to get the next chapters ready to go just trying to keep continuity in check between Light in the Shadows and Book of Shadows. O__e I feel kind of bad just... life happened so didn't have as much to write things or make the covers. So, apologies again, just posting here so people know this thread isn't dead.

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DragonMage156    17,673
9 hours ago, Aileen-Rose said:

The help is appreciated. :wilson_smile:

We promise more is coming. Just need to wrap up Book of Shadows.

I assume the next installments are about William? I can't think of anyone else there could be (I mean, I like the other characters but I don't think they're as important in this story ^^; )

Oh god, I can't stop reading XD but after the first 3 chapters, I see a lot of things linked to BoS ^_^ I also have a couple of theories unrelated to that.

Due to the lack of snow on day 45 (when Wilson and Willow met) I'd assume he was brought in on Spring (either that or there are no seasons in StS :p ) also, I head-canon that one of the tunes Wilson was humming was The Scientific Symphony (if he remembers it :? )

Then again, I could be totally wrong about all this XD

Edit: I was. He did come in at Autumn, I just haven't memorized season lengths and days XD

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I was a fool!
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DragonMage156    17,673

Phew, finally finished.

I can't believe I hadn't like the first chapter for Light in the Shadows. I must have been in a rust to read the next chapter first time around XD


I forgot to add something. So as I read through chapter nine, I got a but curious when GooseMoose was mentioned. Incase you don't know, the Klei forums is notorious for changing the word-Goose to Goose. idk if it's a joke or not but I did a bit of research and sure enough...


StS ch 9 DA.png


StS ch 9 Klei.png

No harm done (and certainly not important XD ) just wanted to put that out there.

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Aileen-Rose    5,076

LitS Comfort in the Dark.png Light in the Shadows: Comfort in the Dark

Comfort in the Dark

Wendy couldn't sleep. Even though there was virtually no danger outside and she had her sister alive and well on the bed roll across from her, she still couldn't relax. She could swear it seemed like the roof of the tent was moving in closer towards her in the dark… and she hated it.

Why do we gotta have our own tent? It's not fair.

"Abi…?" She whispered. "Abi, you up?"

"Mm…?" Abigail yawned a bit. "Yeah, Sis…?"

Wendy frowned, feeling a small pang of guilt, wondering if she had woken her twin up. "I didn't wake you, did I?"

"Nope, I've still been awake. I can't sleep."

"Me either."

Abigail sighed.

"The dark may be safe now yet… it doesn't feel safe. I still feel like something is waiting to get us."

Wendy nodded. "Me too." She sat up, feeling around for the lantern Wilson had given them. She soon found it and turned it on, illuminating the tent. "I don't like sleeping in here all alone either. Papa was always with us before."

"Yeah, Willow too. We knew if something came they'd both be up and take care of whatever it was but now it's just you and me. It… feels lonely."

Wendy got up, bringing her blanket around her like a cloak. "Then let's find Papa. He wouldn't be mad, right?"

"I don't think so." Abigail got her blanket as well, taking her sister's hand. "Come on."

They headed out of their tent, making their way around quietly in the camp. Some survivors were still up, sitting around the campfire, talking the night away but none of them were Wilson so the girls paid no mind to them. They soon came upon Wilson's tent, peering inside, surprised to see Wilson himself was still up. He was reading a book and taking notes by lantern light.

"Papa?" Wendy spoke up. "You're still awake?"

"I thought you said it was bedtime." Abigail blinked.

Wilson looked to the girl's in surprise, giving a sheepish look.

"I couldn't sleep. Insomnia." He gave a concerned look. "Though you two should be in bed. Is something wrong?"

"We hate our tent!" Both twins exclaimed. "It's dark and it's scary and it's too far away from you!"

Wilson was taken aback, nearly falling over in surprise.

"G-Girls…" Wilson wasn't sure what to say in response.

I thought they were excited at the idea of having their own "room" as it were. I didn't expect this.

"W-We thought it'd be fun." Abigail looked down. "But it doesn't feel safe. Once the light was off we couldn't relax and it still feels like something's watching us. Waiting to get us cause you're not there."

"C-Can we please stay?" Wendy pleaded. Both twins looked exhausted and there was some lingering fear in their eyes.

Wilson's gaze soften a bit, a small smile crossing his face. He set down his book and journal, patting the areas beside him on his straw roll.

"Come here."

They hurried over, lying beside him, Wendy on his right Abigail on his left.

"Thanks Papa." Abigail hugged his side. "Sorry. It's just… hard."

"It's okay." Wilson stroked her hair. "I completely understand."

She relaxed, nuzzling his hand a little. "We love you."

"A lot." Wendy added, huddling close, a yawn escaping her. "Just… don't wanna be too far."

Wilson made himself comfortable, dimming the light of the lantern, bringing them closer to him.

"And I love you both so much." He brought his blanket over all three of them. "And I want you to feel safe so, you're welcome to my tent. Besides, you're my girls, I wouldn't have it any other way."

The twins smiled, laying their heads on his shoulder. "Thanks, Papa." Wendy whispered.

"We won't kick or nothin'." Abigail yawned, closing her eyes, curling up. "And we'll help in the mornin'."

"I know you will." Wilson gave them both a kiss on the head. "But right now you just need to sleep and if any monster wants to get you, they're going through me first."

"And you'll kick their butts?"

"And make 'em run away?"

"You know it." Wilson smiled.

The twins smiled, relaxing against him. It wasn't long before they were both fast asleep, keeping close to their father. Safe and sound.

Wilson gave a gentle look, shifting a bit so the girls were comfortable before closing his eyes, drifting off himself.

Sweet dreams.


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DragonMage156    17,673

I swear I saw that cover somewhere... Forgive my forgetfulness if you've posted it before ^^;

So glad to see a continuation of it ^_^ seems like Wilson couldn't sleep by himself either.

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Aileen-Rose    5,076

LitS Protective.png Light in the Shadows: Protective


"Alright, first mission ever. This is going to be interesting." Wilson said, looking at the portal before him, Woodie standing next to him. "Ready?"

"Sure am." Woodie lifted his axe over his shoulder. "Lucy?"

"You know it, Love."

"Good." Wilson took a deep breath. "We're not going to be looking for much since Grandmother hasn't been able to localize other survivors yet but we're going to see if we can find anything she can't."

"And we're also checking to be sure Maxwell isn't trying anything, right?"

Wilson grinned. "But of course and if he is, take him down or at least scare him off." He cleared his throat, giving a determined look. "Now, CHARGE!"

Woodie grinned, running in with him. Soon, they found themselves back in the Shadow World, though in territory they didn't recognize.

"This… isn't the throne room." Woodie said, looking around. "I thought there was only one portal."

"Was." Wilson quipped, looking around. "Grandmother has been trying to connect the islands by building more of these Florid Posterns as she calls them."

"I see… and how exactly does the system work? Do they just randomize where you go or do they take to the Light Dimension if you enter them from this side?"

"I believe the destination to the Light Dimension is the same regardless." Wilson explained. "Though it would make sense to not have us start off in the throne room."

"Right." Woodie held Lucy in a ready position. "I just don't recognize any of this terrain."

Wilson pulled out his map, looking at it.

"Hrm… I… don't recognize it either. Well, we'll just have to figure it out."

"Right." Woodie started looking around with Wilson, keeping to his side. "It just never crossed my mind there would be other terrains besides the one we were all surviving in. Makes you feel rather small realizing how big this world actually is."

"It's a strange feeling, that is for sure." Wilson looked around, noticing some of the things he was seeing.

"... Is that… a living tree?" Wilson asked as he walked up to an odd looking tree. "... It has a face."

Woodie looked at it as well, tilting his head.

"... I ain't cutting that." Lucy dead panned. "It has a face. That would just be mean."

"Agreed. I'm calling it Frank."

"Very well." Wilson jotted it down on the map. "Frank the Living Tree." He looked around. walking further… not realizing something was lurking under his feet. "Ah and here's a swamp-"

A large tentacle shot up, wrapping itself around his leg. "WAH!"

Wilson flailed, dropping his map as the tentacle thrashed him about. "OOOOF! NONONOO!"

"Hang on Wilson!" Woodie gave the tentacle a hard swing with Lucy, causing it to drop him, Woodie acting quickly to catch him. "Got ya!"

The tentacle came in from a second attack, Woodie jumping out of the way, giving it another hit with Lucy.


It slithered back into the ground. Wilson gave Woodie a grateful look mixed with a sheepish one.

"I apologize."

"Hey, don't worry about it." Woodie set him down. "We've never been in a swamp before so it kind of spooked me too."

Wilson nodded, dusting himself off. "Just so much curious territory. I just wanted to see more of it."

"And I do too. Let's just try not to get ourselves killed."

"We'll be safe."

I hope.

They decided to continue onward, minding the swamp area in case more tentacles decided to catch them off guard. Thankfully, bubbles in the ground were enough to be warning signs. Though Wilson couldn't help but notice something else. Woodie was generally rather relaxed for the most part in the times Wilson had spent with him. But as it were right now, he wore a more serious and alert look and had Lucy ready to swing too. It… was kind of odd. Plus, at the slightest sign that something was going to attack, Woodie got in front of him.

After another unfortunate encounter with a tentacle, resulting in said tentacle's demise at Woodie's hands, Wilson had to speak up.

"Woodie, what's going on with you?"

"Eh?" Woodie looked to him confused. "What do you mean?"

Wilson raised an eyebrow. "I haven't seen you ever get this… protective. At the slightest sign of danger you do all the fighting." He lifted up the prize from the latest tentacle kill. A spiked weapon. "I think I can handle myself-"

"I just don't want you dying, okay?" Woodie replied quickly, turning away from Wilson. "Isn't that what friends do? Make sure the other doesn't get himself killed?"

"Yes, so let me do my fair share-!"


Another tentacle came up out of the swamp, wrapping itself around Woodie, bringing him into the air, thrashing him around.


"Woodie!" Wilson cried before growling, lunging at the tentacle, attacking it with his newfound weapon. "LET GO YOU SLIMEY MONSTER!"

There was a shriek but it held its grasp on Woodie, tightening its grip. Woodie cringed, finding himself gasping for air.

Wilson's eyes widened in horror before he snarled.

"I SAID…." He summoned a large shadow flame in his hand before slamming it against the tentacle. "LEGGO!"

There was a loud shriek at the tentacle died, turning into shadows, leaving behind remains, dropping Woodie to the ground. He coughed as he was finally able to breathe again.

"Augh that smarts."

Wilson knelt by his side, patting his back, looking him over for injuries. "Are you okay? Where's it hurt?"

Woodie lifted up his arm, pointing to his right side.

"Really sore around here."

"Oh, Love." Lucy said, almost whispered, worry in her voice.

Wilson frowned, gently feeling the spot. "Oh no."

"What…?" Woodie asked, wincing a little.

"Woodie, I think you broke a couple of your ribs."

"Oh… that's just dandy." He groaned, lying his head on the ground. "First mission and I blow it."

"Oh yes, because EVERY mission requires everyone coming back not at all injured. Yes you certainly did - Woodie how could you have expected a TENTACLE to start thrashing you about like a rag doll?" Wilson told him, going through his supplies, starting to patch him up. "It is in no way your fault and you didn't blow anything."

"Sure." Woodie didn't meet his gaze, keeping his eyes on the ground.


Woodie seemed to relax, someone stroking his hair that Wilson couldn't see.


"Relax… and Woodie, don't be so hard on yourself. You've gotten hurt before and… just be honest with Wilson."

Woodie sighed.

"I can't help it."

"Come now, you can trust him. Like you trust me."

"Something you need to tell me?" Wilson asked, raising an eyebrow.

Woodie was silent, before looking up, giving a small nod.

"I haven't been honest with you on… why I'm acting like this. Why I've… been rather protective."

Wilson frowned. "I won't judge. You can tell me."

Woodie sighed, closing his eyes.

"Remember when we met, I told you I had been stuck here for nearly a year and a half?"

"You mentioned." Wilson finished treating Woodie before starting to work on getting a campfire starter. "What about it?"

"I saw a lot during that time. Lot of terrain, beasts… but the one thing that sticks to me is all the death I saw." Woodie opened his eyes, a bit of a mortified look in them. "I met people, even tried making friends then… but before I knew it, they would be gone. Some I didn't see how they died. Others…" He shuddered. "It hurt watching them slip away and me being unable to do anything."

Wilson gave him a sympathetic look, taking one of his hands and squeezing it gently.

"You're worried if I slip away again there'd be no way to return me to this life. You don't want to lose anyone else. I can respect that."

"You're the only one who came back." Woodie squeezed his hand. "I saw you die but then I also saw you come back. I… I just don't want to see it again." Woodie rubbed his eyes with his free hand. "I just don't want to lose friends. I have Lucy but… we don't like seeing people go. Not like this."

Wilson nodded. "I promise you I'm not leaving anytime soon and I'm not letting anything happen to anyone if I can help it. I've lost people too. The pain never really goes away, you know?"

"Yeah." Woodie sat up, sighing a bit. "Lucy was my first real loss." He picked up the axe, hugging her close to him. "Sort of."

Wilson's gaze softened.

"May I ask what happened to her?"


"I don't mind."

Woodie nodded, stroking the base of the axe.

"Lucy… she and I were on the same farm land. I was a lumberjack just going about my work days and she was one of the girls who helped cooked meals for us to eat and even helped with the animals. She got very sick one day and… well… slipped into a coma. The doctors said she might never wake up. I was heartbroken that day. I kept praying day and night for some miracle to wake her up and bring her back to me. I was getting desperate. Then one fateful night, I heard a voice call to me through the radio, saying I could have Lucy with me again. By my side for the rest of my life and make me the best lumberjack as a bonus."

Wilson frowned. He had a bad feeling he knew where this was going.

"It was Maxwell, wasn't it?" He asked, feeling dread.

"Yes." Woodie lowered his head. "I made a pact with him. He brought Lucy back… but… Oh what he did." Woodie looked to Lucy. "Sealed her into an axe that never breaks and me, cursed. Much like your dark knowledge, I was given my own brand which is the werebeaver curse. It related to my wish, so, Lucy got to be by my side and me, the supposed best lumberjack because I'm part beaver."

He squeezed his shoulder. "What he did to you both is despicable and I swear… I swear to you both when I find a way to bring Lucy back to her real self. I'll even treat her illness. You two WILL have a life together."

Woodie smiled a bit.

"We'd like that very much, Wilson. Thank you."

Wilson smiled gently. "Anything for my friends."


"See?" Lucy giggled. "Much better."

"I can agree."

"Now, how about I cook us up some dinner?"

"That, sounds wonderful."

Wilson nodded before getting straight to work, humming a little.

Woodie kept by the fire, chuckling to himself as he watched Wilson work.

"Guess he really is my friend Lucy." He whispered. "I haven't made any in so long."

"And I'm so happy for you." She giggled, Woodie grinning as he felt a kiss on his head. "I know you've been wanting it for a long time now and so have I. I love your company but nothing makes things better than having friends around to share things with."

"It really does make a difference and he sure is one heck of a friend." He sighed in content. "I'm just glad everything's turning around now."

"Just keep your head up and remember, you're never alone."

"I won't forget that one. That's for sure."

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Aileen-Rose    5,076

LitS Patch Job.png Light in the Shadows: Patch Job

Patch Job

"Sur la grand' côte elle est monté."

"Sur la grand' côte elle est monté."

"Elle a perdu son tablier. Ti ta ti dla dla dla lam!"

"Ti ta ti dla dla dla lam!"

Woodie sighed happily at the sound of Lucy's singing voice.

"Oh how I've missed singing with you Lucy. You have such a pretty voice."

"Oh, Woodie." The axe giggled. "I've missed it too. Now if only we could dance again too."

"I'm sure Wilson will find a way for that to come true soon. We just gotta be patient."

"Right. For now, shall we bring our load back to camp?"

"But of course! We made a bounty today!"

Woodie looked behind him, grinning at the nicely sized pile of logs he had on his cart.

"Then let's show 'em!"


Woodie gave a holler, swinging Lucy over his shoulder before hurrying back to the camp. He gave a big grin, greeting anyone he saw as he made his way for the log pile. The place was starting to look more like a village with crops being properly organized and structures of houses finally taking form. It was becoming home and Woodie couldn't be happier about it.

He hummed a tune as he started to unload his logs onto the pile. Wasn't long before the cart was empty.




Woodie looked behind him, seeing Charlie by the fire pit. She was sitting down on one of the hay bales, rubbing her feet. He frowned, noticing there were some blisters on them.

Goodness. What she do to herself?

Woodie made his way over to her, sitting next to her.

"You alright, Ms. Charlie?"

"Huh?" Charlie looked up, surprise in her eyes. "Oh, just you Woodie. I'm alright. Just a little sore."

"I think those blisters say otherwise." Woodie pointed to her feet. "What you do?"

Charlie looked back at her feet before sighing a bit.

"I was trying to help with some work around the camp today and… well… my shoes are not exactly suited for heavy work. Nor are my clothes suited for anything for that matter." She lowered her head a bit. "I want to help, I just sadly don't have suitable attire. I try to work with what I have but I either can't do much because my dress gets caught on something or is restrictive or my shoes turn on me because they're not meant for heavy lifting chores or long distance walking." She sighed again. "I just don't want to sit by and do nothing. I want to help… and it takes my mind off things."

Woodie frowned.

"I understand, Ms. Charlie but you should be more careful. You don't want to ruin those feet of yours now."

"I know. I'm just not sure how I can fix it. I know nothing about making new clothes and I really don't want to bother anyone about it."

"Hey, we're all here for each other." Woodie gave a gentle smile. "And I might be able to help you with your clothes problem."

"Oh, might?" Lucy giggled. "Woodie, more like you KNOW you can."

Charlie titled her head.


"Well." Woodie rubbed the back of his neck. "I do happen to be pretty good at sewing. So, if you let me, I could make you some new clothes."

Charlie's eyes got wide.

"You… You would do that for me?"

"Of course!" Woodie chuckled. "We're all friends here and I always do all I can to help my friends."

Charlie squealed a little before hugging Woodie.

"Oh thank you thank you thank you, Woodie!"

Woodie smiled, giving her a quick hug.

"You're welcome, Ms. Charlie." He pulled back, looking at her carefully. "Hm… Yes, I think I know something that'll suit ya. I'll just need measurements."

"Easily done." Charlie smiled. "And I'll get you materials too-"

"Nope. I'll handle that too, Ms. Charlie. You rest your feet. Leave the hard work to me."

"Are you sure?"

"I am." Woodie got up, rubbing his hands together. "Don't you worry about a thing. I'll handle this."

"Alright then. Thank you again, Woodie."



Woodie waited patiently outside a tent, whittling away at a twig with a knife.

"Everything okay in there, Ms. Charlie?" he asked. "Hope I didn't make them too big."

"No, they're perfect."

Woodie looked up as Charlie came out. He grinned at the look on her face. She was smiling happily as she twirled a bit in the new outfit she had on. It was a loose light purple blouse with a long dark purple skirt. The final touch, work boots made with a soft material so they weren't hard on her feet.

Woodie whistled, giving a thumbs up.

"You look beautiful, Ms. Charlie."

Charlie giggled, giving a bit of a curtsey. "Why thank you, Woodie. These are perfect. I just love them. The fabric breathes and everything feels so much more comfortable." She smiled. "I appreciate it."

"You're very welcome. Doing chores should be much easier now for ya. That skirt is made of a strong material so even it gets caught on something it won't tear easily. You'll be just fine now and you shouldn't get blisters in those boots."

She hugged him quickly.

"You really know your stuff about these kinds of things."

Lucy giggled.

"He should. He helped plenty with some of my dresses."

Woodie grinned, stroking the base of the axe.

"Yep, every last dress she wore I helped do repair work for or made it for her."

Charlie's gaze softened. "Woodie, that's so kind. You're just a big sweetheart."

"He is. That's why I married him." Lucy agreed. "Would never find a kinder man in all of Canada."

Charlie blinked back confusion.

"Wait a minute, you two are married?"

Woodie grinned, taking off his glove to reveal a ring made of wood on his left hand.

"Eh, not traditionally but we are. Let's just say I didn't get the father's approval entirely because he wasn't fond of his daughter running off with some "hick" as he put it."

"So, we found a priest and tied the knot. Small wedding but it's just what we wanted." Lucy sighed happily. "Happiest day of my life."

"You eloped." Charlie giggled a little. "I never would've guessed. I mean I knew you two were close but… I just never thought..."

"Well, we don't really bring it up." Woodie shrugged. "Plus, I always have my gloves on so no one can see the ring. I was so grateful my curse didn't destroy the thing. It took forever to make it smooth to the point of no splinters." Woodie grinned. "Regardless, being married doesn't mean flaunting the fact it happened. Being married means living for one another and sticking it through to the end no matter what comes your way."

"That's so true, Woodie. Being with the one you love. Caring for each other." Charlie smiled. "Anything anyone can hope for, right?"

"I like to think so." Woodie eyed the ring on Charlie's finger. "I imagine that's something you'll be experiencing yourself once William wakes up."

She nodded, a nostalgic look coming to her eyes as she adjusted her ring. "And he's all I want. I don't need a second ring or a fancy dress. I just want my William. See him smile, hear his laugh."

"He's a lucky man to have you waiting on him." Woodie smiled gently. "If you ever need help with anything else clothing related, let me know. Okay?"

Charlie smiled back.

"Of course. Goodness, my sister used to say that all the time. She was a tailor. That dress I was wearing, she made that herself."

"Quite the designer then." Woodie chuckled. "Those materials must've been hard to come by."

"She had her ways." Charlie giggled a bit. "Hope she's doing alright. I haven't seen her in so long."

"Well, who knows." Woodie got up, touching her shoulder. "You might see her again at some point."

"Right. Thanks again Woodie. You're a real friend."

"I do my best." Woodie smiled. "William's jaw is going to drop when he sees you in those duds."

She giggled blushing a little.

"Here's hoping. I just want him awake but no one said I couldn't doll myself up a little for him."


Charlie nodded, waving before running off.

"I better go help with chores now, see you!"

Woodie waved goodbye before looking to Lucy.

"Well my dear, shall we go out for a walk in the woods?"

"I'd like nothing more!"

"Then let's get to it, my love."

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Aileen-Rose    5,076

LitS The Gentleman's Song.png Light in the Shadows: The Gentleman's Song

The Gentleman's Song

Wilson sighed as he finished up his work for the day. Things were coming together nicely. Though he still saw many possibilities for improvements, there was little he could do when his legs felt like they might buckle under him.

Despite that, he still found it in him to head towards the lake, something kept close to him. He had been surprised when Wickerbottom had presented it to him.

"Where did you even get this?"

"Wilson, I know about the shack."

"My house is not a shack! … But thank you."

Looking around to be sure no one could see, he took the item - a violin, out of its case as he got into position. He hummed a familiar tune before starting to play in accordance, feeling as if the night around him faded away.

There was nothing but him and the music.

I don't even know the name of this song yet I've been able to play it ever since I was young.

He played on, not noting someone behind a tree was watching him. They kept quiet, eyes wide in wonder as Wilson moved the bow with grace, swaying a didn't want to interrupt him but as fate would have it, a fallen twig gave away their position the minute they stepped on it.

"Shoot!" They cursed under their breath.

Wilson froze in place, his eyes narrowing. Swiftly, he kicked a small rock right against the tree.

"I know you're there!"

The person behind the tree flinched at the rock, sighing as they made themselves visible, revealing it was Willow.

"Yeesh, don't need to be so violent, Wildork."

Wilson's eyes widened, feeling heat come to his face. Now he felt rather silly for overreacting like that.

"I-I am so SO sorry. It-It wasn't intentional it was-I just-"

Willow shook her head before going over to him, touching his shoulder.

"I know, I know, instinct. We're used to monsters popping out of bushes or trees and let's face it, we're still not over it even when we're here."

He frowned, giving a nod. "That's exactly it. I still can't get the girls to even sleep in their own tent since the night still scares them."

"Yeah and I never go anywhere without a torch. I mean, I love fire but… I can never feel comfortable enough to sleep without it."

"I understand, Willow." Wilson's gaze softened. "It helps comfort you and helps you feel safe. I understand completely."

Willow nodded, before shaking her head.

"Enough about me though." She eyed the violin. "Since when do you play music? I thought you were all about science."

"There is science in music!" He insisted. "The study of sound, the vibrations caused by even our own vocal chords. All of it relates to it." He looked at the violin with fondness. "And I've loved it ever since I was young."

Willow smiled.

"Guess you have some good memories attached to that thing, don't you?"

"I do." Wilson sighed happily. "Playing with my mother, learning how to play it properly for the first time, memorizing a song I wanted to play for her, some others that are unclear. I may be fascinated with science but music was part of my up bringing."

"That sounds amazing. That song you were playing, what was it? I don't think I've heard it before… Em kind of. I've heard you hum it to the girls and even me but I've never heard anyone else but you hum the tune."

"Well… the song in question, while I know it in regards in how to play it, I don't remember the title. I just… I'm not sure why but anytime I play it or hum it I just feel calm."

"Maybe someone played it for you whenever you were tired or stressed to help you calm down?"

"Perhaps. It might've been my mother. She was always taking care of me. Never wanted me hurt or ill. Never liked seeing me sad." He frowned. "... Goodness, I haven't seen her in so long."

"Is she still around?"

"Last time I wrote a letter to her she was. I imagine she still is. Goodness, she might be worried about me since the last time I wrote her a letter it was quite a few months ago and that before I crossed paths with Maxwell."

"Well, if we ever find a way to go to Earth maybe you could find her and then bring her here or something."

"Maybe… I'd… really rather not bother her."

"Why not? You said she might be worried. Why wouldn't you visit her?"

"Willow… I…" Wilson looked away. There was pain in his eyes. "I'm nothing but a disgrace. She should be ashamed of me. I'm considered the runt of my family. The screw up. That's all I ever did. Why would she want to see a failure-"

"Now just a minute!" Willow snapped, turning his face so he was looking her in the eyes. "You, Wilson Percival higgsbury are NOT a screw up! You hear me!? Does a screw up build a fort like the one you did? Does a screw up build all the tools you did? Does a screw up go out of his way to help complete strangers and then take them in and help them successfully? Does a screw up trick a SHADOW KING? I don't know what kind of mother you have but if she always viewed you as a runt then screw her! You're much more than that!"

"N-No! It wasn't Mum!"

"Then who DID say that!?"

Wilson bit his lip.

"Our extended family. People I'd rather not ever see again for as long as I live. Mother always defended me against them but… Willow… There's a lot of places my mind went when I moved out of my mother's home. Not all of them good."

Willow frowned.


"I just… I just wanted to prove them wrong. So badly… Yet in the end I failed."

Willow shook her head.

"Wilson. You've fought monsters of every kind, you've built countless things, you took two little girls under your wing and have been doing your best to raise them, you dethroned a king, you're a prince and a leader. I don't think that's failure in any form. Sure, you might've fallen down in the past but Wilson that's the past. I know it's hard to let go but what matters is where you are now. And for your mother, since she was defending you and I'm assuming loved you with all her heart, I think she would be proud of you."

Wilson was quiet before a smile came to his face, a touched look in his eyes. "Willow… Thank you. That means a lot." He ran a hand through his hair. "Goodness, listen to me. Why do I still even worry about that? … Sometimes my mind just goes places I suppose… and my mother was a strong person, She raised me basically by herself with help from my grandfather and grandmother."

"Sounds strong for that alone." Willow cupped a cheek in her hand. "Also, one more thing I'm adding to the list of accomplishments. You took a pyro in who was probably the most unstable person you would ever meet despite her threatening you at first."

Wilson chuckled, leaning into her hand.

"You know it was only the one time you threatened to burn my hair off, right?" He brought his hand over hers. "And Willow, to give my own compliment, you are far more than just a "pyro"."

"I suppose." She smiled.

"No suppose. You're the light to my darkness… Em sorry…" He blushed. "I mean, You've had my back this entire time."

Willow shook her head, nuzzling him gently, blushing a bit herself.



"Wilson, if you get the chance, see your mother. I don't know what it's like to have parents but I know if I did, I would want to treasure every moment I had with them."

"I promise I will and I'll bring her to meet you too."

"That would be fun." Willow smiled. "But for now…" She eyed his violin. "Would you care to treat me with some music?"

WIlson grinned, giving a bow before getting into position.

"I would be honored, M'lady. Any requests?"

"Hm… I want to hear that song you were playing earlier. The nameless one."

"Very well." He closed his eyes, humming a bit as he started to play.

Wilson and Willow swayed to the music, the world around them fading away. Wilson opened his eyes, gazing at Willow, smiling gently. Willow smiled back, sighing happily.

It was just the two of them and the music.

And I'm lucky to have her.

Edited by Aileen-Rose
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Master Jand    1,078

Okey dokey. Looks like finishing this is impossible. (+another 5% of my lifetime spent viewing stories)

Wait there's a prelude? (Book o' Shadows) (+another 10% of life spent on stories)

What? You say your going to make a threequel? (+another 25% of life spent)

What? You say that your children and their children will continue the stories? (+rest of life spent)

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DragonMage156    17,673
1 minute ago, Master Jand said:

What? You say that your children and their children will continue the stories? (+rest of life spent)

Idk why I interpreted this as a reference to the next generation within the story at first XD (though I wouldn't be mad if it was :p )

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Aileen-Rose    5,076

For the time being it's just the three stories.

Book of Shadows (Prequel)

Survive the Shadows (Main Story)

Light in the Shadows (Sequel)

What will happen going forward, only time will tell. That's all I can really say.

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Aileen-Rose    5,076

LitS Heart of Metal.png Light in the Shadows: Heart of Metal

Heart of Metal

WX-78 never liked humans. Even if he was friends with everyone in the group, he didn't really see any worth in the relationships. They were all still fleshies and he was superior… Well, to a point in regards to Wickerbottom. He didn't dare say he was more powerful than her. That was a death wish.

Though there was only one among the fleshies he did like spending some time with. It confused him though and he was trying all he could to understand it. The fleshie in question…

"WX! WX!"

WX-78 looked to the source of the voice, seeing Webber running up to him, hiding something behind his back.

WX-78 was resting under a tree and had been cloud watching. He had been doing chores but he wanted to take a break.

"YES?" He asked, tilting his head. "WHAT IS IT WEBBER?"

Webber giggled, bouncing in place a little.

"You have to close your eyes first."


"Can you see with optics?"


"Then they're eyes!" Webber gave a smile. "Now, close them!"

WX shook his head before doing as told.


"Perfect!" Webber checked to be sure before putting something around WX-78's neck. "Okay, open them!"

WX-78 opened his optics, looking down at his neck, seeing he now had a necklace made of flowers around his neck.


Webber giggled again.

"You always call things the funniest names. It's a flower necklace! Wendy and Abi showed me how to make one so I wanted to make one for you. They told me if you make one you should give it to someone as a way of showing you care for them and well, you've been really nice to me lately and well, I thought you could use some love since you don't really talk to anyone else in the camp."

WX was surprised to say the least. He didn't think what he had been doing was all that special. He blinked twice before touching the necklace.


"Hehee, you're welcome! Everyone deserves a present!"


"I think so!" Webber grinned. "You can be really nice once you're done being grumpy. You should be happier more. You're more fun when you are. I mean, I understand you're so different from everyone because you're metal but look at me, I'm a monster and I can still be around others like I was one of them. I mean, I view us as the same despite being different. I guess that might be because we have that in common. We're not exactly human."

"YOU ARE HUMAN THOUGH." WX-78 hesitated a bit before placing his hand on Webber's head, smoothing the fur on his head down. "YOU ARE MERELY STUCK TO THE ARACHNID."

Webber nuzzled his hand.

"Yeah… I can't wait to be myself again. For now, just the monster kid."


Webber smiled, a touched look coming to his eyes.

"Thank you, WX!"

WX-78 didn't know why he felt… relieved seeing the look in Webber's eyes. It was true he was fond of the boy more so than the other fleshies. But this… he mused if this was similar to how the other fleshlings viewed the children in the group.


"Oh, he would never!" Webber giggled. "We're practically family him and me since Ms. Wickerbottom took me in. Just yesterday, I asked him what would that make us since I was adopted into the family. He said either brothers or cousins but he said I could pick which one felt best and well, I decided Cousin Wilson sounded cooler than brother. I mean, having an older brother would be awesome but I see Wilson more like a cousin than anything else."


"Wendy and Abi? They always refer to him as Papa since he took them in. They do have their real father but Wilson's basically filling in for him since he isn't around anymore. I don't view them as family as much though." Webber rubbed the back of his neck. "They're more like close friends. Especially Wendy."


"Oh, I misunderstood ya. No. I mean, he's way older than me and could be my dad but honestly, I'm waiting till I can find my father. He's gotta be out there somewhere. The only real person I refer to as some kind of parent is but even that's grandparent."


Webber tilted his head.

"I won't… but… why would that concern you?"

WX-78 paused for a moment to think on this.





Webber chuckled.

"I think my dad would understand if someone else took me in if he couldn't take care of me anymore. Wendy and Abi may view Wilson as their dad now but the thing is he doesn't replace their real dad. They just made room for Wilson in their hearts next to the love for their father. Least, that's how Wendy told me."


"You're silly." Webber poked WX-78 on the face plate where his nose would be if he had one. "My dad was the same way too."

WX-78 ruffled the fur on his head in return. "I AM NOT AS YOU WOULD REFER TO "SILLY" I AM A HIGHLY INTELLIGENT-"

"Automaton who is merely tolerating our existence with the exception of the queen. Yeah, heard it all before." Webber giggled. "Silly. Like I said."

WX-78 swore some of his circuits might have fried for a moment at Webber's response.


"Well, I'll let you get back to cloud watching, I know you enjoy it. I'm gonna see if I can make something for Wendy." He ran off, waving to him. "Bye, WX-78!"

The robot waved back.

"... Goodbye, Webber."


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DragonMage156    17,673

It's nice to see some character interaction between these two :) (certainly more pleasant and light-hearted than What This World Has To Offer ^^; though everyone depicts WX in their own ways)

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Pokemaniac7000    303
4 hours ago, DragonMage156 said:

It's nice to see some character interaction between these two :) (certainly more pleasant and light-hearted than What This World Has To Offer ^^; though everyone depicts WX in their own ways)

*sniffs loudly* What's this? Someone talking about how unhappy my writing is? *pumps fists* Horray! Victory! :D

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DragonMage156    17,673
52 minutes ago, Master Jand said:

No, but seriously, this is good. It reminds me of Choose Your own Starving Adventure.

What? Nooo, it's WAY better XD

I wouldn't trust anyone else with this kinda story, no offense ^^;

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