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  2. I mean, JoeW literally said the timeline is out of whack. I'd consider next week rather optimistic.
  3. The fact is: people take everything personally. We can all interpret things differently according to our ideas. But this should not be taken seriously here, in a place where we should discuss amicably about what we think for a game that everyone likes here.
  4. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    what is this.. evil... video
  5. I'm not sure what happened, My widget USED to work before but now it doesn't! All I did was some extra code. I have no reverted to my original code but it's still not working! I'm not sure what to do anymore and im smashing my head on the keyboard at this point. Any help is deeply appreciated. Note: Yes my character has the tag "nearsighted"
  6. I assume it's not reproducible if you go back and click on the item again?
  7. Game crashed when I clicked on pleated shirt.

    I just turned on the game, got my daily gift, went to my inventory, the pleated shirt was the criminal.
  8. @minespatch, this is a tricky rare bug that we've been trying to track down for ages now. Do you have any info on what you were doing/clicking on leading up to this crash?
  9. But you can't pump out the hot sour gas without space materials. So you can't create a counterflow where you use that hot gas to do anything until you've cooled it off enough without any pumps. I do think using the cold natgas to help cool off the sour gas is fine, as that would save you some of your thermo regulator power, but the natgas is at -160, so then you'd need to figure out a way to have the cold natgas cool the sour gas before the cold hydrogen cools the sour gas, which could require another whole room, or some weird snake thing. And the pwater from the generator provides more than enough DTUs (because it comes out at the same temp the generator is at) to heat the natgas. So yes you're losing cooling power, but I'd have to do the math if it ends up saving you anything to do it the way you're talking about, as it would require at least one gas pump which is another .48J per gram cost. I also think you'd rather use the heat from the volcano to make the oil go all the way to gas. Because then more of that heat turns to steam, rather than heating your oil/petrol, so you use much more heat from your magma, sure, but you end up getting more power in the end, as all of the natgas cooling down to about 150 is turned into steam. And after doing the math, one regular volcano supplies enough heat to provide 7,170 watts constantly, so I can't really see why you would need to be more efficient with that heat. Maybe I haven't played the game far enough but 7 kilowatts of constant generation seems like more than enough power for the rest of the game. Also, as you mentioned, there's some serious issue with phase state changes because without space materials or super coolant, there's nothing that can handle those ranges of temperatures.
  10. Personally, I feel this would make her much less fun to play as . If any nerf should be applied to her dodge I would say make the 2nd dodge you preform while in the 1st dodge not grant you invincibility. Removing the double dodge bug/feature or making dodging cost hunger will limit the usage of her dodge which makes her unique in the first place thus leading to a more plain and boring experience because the dodge would be inferior in all ways compared to doing plain ol' boring kiting with her speed boost making using it pointless.. Of course that is just my opinion.
  11. and thus another pvp discussion comes to a close with nothing constructive arising from it, please reconvene in the next month for the next raid boss argument, thank you and good day.
  12. Changed Status to Fixed
  13. Yeah. Say you forgot giants are coming and you are at your base you sound your horn and you herd them away from it to battle elsewhere (or maybe you don't want to deal with them). You need time to heal from a pack of hounds/bats/crocodogs/spiders/bees, sound your horn and look at them go wild for a moment while you heal or whatever. Could also be used to scare away pogs or avoid mobs from eating/stealing your loot/things. It is niche, but has it's uses, and makes sense for a horn.
  14. @Denisetwin I can't offer you formulas or a simple blueprint to copy since it depends on a lot of variables. (mass flow, specific heat capacity, the materials used for pipes and the transfer medium etc.) So you can't really get around experimenting with them. However i've made several counterflow heat exchangers in past projects so here's the general guidelines I use when making them. There are many different ways to make counterflow heat exchangers, all that is needed: Two streams of matter flowing in opposite directions. This can be any combination of solid matter on conveyors, liquids or gases in pipes as well as liquids flowing in the world due to pressure and gravity and gases being moved through a tunnel by a difference in pressure. A way to transfer heat between the two streams. If one of the matter streams is a liquid or gas in the world, you can put the other stream inside the same tiles and transfer heat directly but in most cases you will need a transfer medium. (one or more gas, liquid or solid tiles that are connected to both matter streams) Some points regarding the streams themselves: Try to ensure a constant flow in both directions for optimum efficiency, otherwise temperatures will spike. This can be mitigated by having a higher specific heat capacity in your transfer medium or just a more massive transfer medium. Slower flow in both streams increases efficiency without making it longer. Increasing the length of the streams increases efficiency without slowing the flow. You can add more streams in parallel to increase total flow, but that comes with an extra challenge in making sure the heat transfers well between all the streams. Now a few notes on the transfer of heat. If you imagine the two streams flowing horizontally in opposite directions, then your goal is to accelerate heat transfer vertically, but slow it horizontally: H =======> C ^^^^^^ vvvvvv H <======= C Vertical heat transfer is what makes the temperatures swap between the matter streams, while horizontal heat transfer (through the transfer medium) works to equalize both ends of the heat exchanger and reduces efficiency. Building notes: Radiant pipes where you want to encourage heat exchange. (where heat is most likely to flow vertically) Insulated pipes where heat is likely to flow horizontally (bridging gaps, making turns. High conductivity materials such as diamond are great as the transfer medium between pipes. Tempshift plates accelerate heat transfer both vertically and horizontally so they can be a double-edged sword. So last but not least, here's what you might consider (in terms of efficiency) a nearly ideal counterflow heat exchanger: Radiant pipes and diamond tiles surrounded by vacuum. Each diamond cell allows strong vertical heat transfer and no horizontal heat transfer. The bottom version can be done if you are exchanging heat between a liquid and a gas pipe (or conveyor and a pipe) and is the same effective length, but more compact. Now of course this is somewhat impractical to build in most survival games but you can easily substitute metal tiles for diamond and insulated tiles (igneous or ceramic) for the vacuum spaces between the diamond, then seal the whole thing in an insulated tile wall. I would highly recommend creating a sandbox/debug mode save to experiment with heat exchangers like this to determine a good enough size that you're happy with. Good luck! Here's what the metal & insulated tile version could look like: I should also note that these examples are pretty short in effective length (7 tiles of actual transfer) because of the space between each transfer cell. If you need high throughput and are short on space or materials, you may want to forego having insulated spaces between transfer cells entirely and get more effective length that way and use the most conductive transfer medium you can afford.
  15. "WX-78 will lose 33 sanity and gain 100 health when initially struck by Lightning, and can be struck multiple times after System Overload has been activated. System Overload lasts for roughly 1 Day but can be stacked from multiple strikes to last indefinitely." - DS wiki I don't know if 100 health is always recovered when struck by lightning, but it looks like with thunderbirds WX-78 can become invincible and gets a 50% speed boost which can last indefinitely and it's basically free when you find the thunderbird biome. He can go sane after killing some nightmares and picking flowers in the hamlet jungles which grow back, so losing 33 sanity isn't even an actual downside especially since he can get overcharged when already insane then just get back his sanity when he has indefinite 50% speed boost, light aura, and immunity to freezing. Seems much more broken than Wheeler's 10% inherent speed and gimmick of 1% speed boost when you have an empty inventory slot. Which you would need to have a completely empty inventory to get that 15% speed boost which realistically I doubt anyone would want to keep 10 or more of their inventory slots empty other than for boss battles.. Especially when you need to carry so many different things on you always in hamlet at least in my opinion.
  16. Bristle Blossom and Buddy Bud emit Floral Scents that cause allergies to dupes with "Allergies" trait. After the update there is a new plant, Sporechid, that emits Zombie Spores that can cause "The Spores" disease.
  17. This thread is a pvp zone I do like the attempt by OP to see the favor for pvp though
  18. Anyway to play specific music in main menu?

    Yes, enter the command while in main menu and it will play the soundtrack.
  19. How Mk desease work ?

    noted. but i never see that allergy and this zombie infection O_o.
  20. see the word "edit" in red text at the bottom of your post? Oops.. Also if you click on the red arrow next to the word "Options" in red text you can select "Hide" That will delete the post
  21. Wagstaff Lore

    Would be cool if the entire trailer was Hamlet based and focused on Wormwood and Wheeler. And then after credits we'd get something for Wagstaff. Something similar to Charlie's apperance in Forge trailer
  22. Until they tell us it will be released next week
  23. even at 100kg PW bottle it still off gasses faster than surface PW
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