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  2. No need to overcomplicate, i was thought about just adding recipes to klin, its already release heat while working, playing with time of production and materials mass it can be tuned for required heat output per kg of metal(different for different metals ofc, each metal its own recipe). just add metals and botled oxygen and it will process it some time releasing heat and eventually drop metal ore. Need more heat output - just put 10, 20, 50 klins and run them simultaneously. btw good addition about carbon and phosphorite, maybe also hydrogen to burn it back into water.
  3. It seems more like a full improvement across the board except that you need another gas in the room it exists in rather than just having steam everywhere. The fact it has a colder steam operating temperature is great.
  4. I watched that when it released but I didn't notice Klei's comment in there. Tbh some bugs were kinda hilarious but that's beside the point. I myself reported tons of bugs.. the invisible Beefalo if you use a hammer and many other crashes related to beefalos.... you can check the bug tracker section... I also commented before in the DST roadmap that I fear both DST and DS updates are merging and that I was worried if they would clash.. Ofc I don't want them to release now an unfinished update with thousands of breaking bugs but I've seen in many Early Access processes with other games so I'm a bit more tolerant when it comes to recently release updates in EA. I guess I take Early Access updates to another standard cuz they are still in development and Klei fortunately is very communicative and fast resolving game breaking issues--- most of the time (Aporkalypse Calendar took a while and it's not perfect, same with synched day count and seasons) I'm just trying to make people see that some tolerance for Early Access is important to take into account when the rage fires rise sky high
  5. Pretty sure the phosphorite lure doesn’t use any resources since it doesn’t sublimate like slime does. It is a floating piece of phosphorite that they are worshiping or something. Ive got a lot of wild bugs in an area that is open but would be a long distance to get away from the lure that is keeping them bunched up. If I do ranch them I’ll send extra eggs to that area.
  6. about the foods... i think the problem is abundance. everywhere is full of food resources. i try reduce it in setting but it really dosn't effect. changing food recipe is a good idea but other than that, moving resources apart so you dont see foods often on your way ( i mean you have to go to a specific direction for food ) can help for nerfing them.
  7. From what I understand so far, the heat deletion is all happening in the ice maker part, which doesn't take too much dupe time to operate and players are free to melt the ice afterwards and use automated ways to take full advantage of this very cheap and powerful method of heat deletion. Some suggestions to mitigate this: Reduce the amount of ice made to reduce the amount of heat deleted per operation. Match the ice-e fan to use a smaller amount of ice but use up the ice completely instead of melting it. And/or change the ice maker to move (most of) its heat elsewhere, and... Change the ice-e fan to provide most of the intended heat deletion of this combination. This way the ice-e fan offers the better value early on (rather than just using the ice maker and letting ice melt), whereas the ice maker can be used later on for the ice sculptures and automated solutions replace the ice-e fan for long term cooling.
  8. For me that happens from allergy. One alregic dupe gets like 10% in an instant from an allergy reaction sometimes spiking up to 35% while other dupes don`t break 5%. The dupe also seems to ignore the allergy cure if it`s downtime leading to extra stress.
  9. Perk help!

    As for the food, I think it’s best if anything cooked in the crockpot would be more beneficial for my character. I don’t want this to be extremely overpowered and I want it to be as balanced as possible. I’m hoping that it would have Wortox’s voice too, but that should come later
  10. Bamboo tree has and seperated for animation. I check bamboo.lua and is correct. But cannot decompile, get this error; I drop in krane, anim.bin from folder I copied out of, build.bin from same folder I copied it out of (I did also put atlas-0.tex in folder), dropped folder I want decompile to and should be correct but not working. Something to do with two different files that it not decompile?
  11. The issue seems to be about the gas pipes branching. To avoid the stalls instead of a simple branch use a bridge with 2 output pipes. It will eliminate the stalls and allow a stead flow if one side backs up. If you are concerned of your pipe backimg up after suits are filled extend the pipe past the atmo suit output to a vent. Once the suits are filled the oxygen will go to the vent so the flow continues. I could help more if you added a screenshot of your pipe system.
  12. Hi I agree the change from raw mineral to ore metal for the currency to build any conveyor bridge, it makes it harder to support the build and also makes sense as rail was from ore metal. However, I don't get why conveyor bridges are so expensive. I mean, It allows a drop of one tile. Like any other bridges in this game. For automation, the wire and the bridge cost the same as it fill the same : one tile. Same for electric wire, conductive wire, pipe, gas pipe, etc... Only for conveyor system bridge cost four times the rail price. Even it fill only one tile also. That's excessive and illogical. Is my perception shared ? Or am I extrapolating ? Cheers !
  13. Well, no ice as filler and meatball nerf might be much harder for newbies, but other things mostly affect veteran players. Newbies shouldn't have access to bundling wrap or bunnyman farm and not abuse cooked eggs, right?
  14. Don't Starve: Hamlet Roadmap

    Well, here is the video : The comment from klei is pinned. I understand bugs too, we are in EA I get that , but these are basic features. Beefalo riding was completely broken at the launch of the update along with the scrolling in crafting tab crash. All I am saying is it is clear the update was rushed out without testing, people are just worried that this will happen with the next update. We would all much prefer a delay than releasing the game broken. They said its scheduled to release in April, right? That's why we are worried. Its mid April and nothing so far, we don't want them to release a big chunk of content that ends up destroying the game as badly as the QoL update did so close to launch. They should take their time and test it. I don't think being in EA should give you an excuse to release completely broken updates. As you said, bugs are expected, but the QoL update was more than a few expected bugs.
  15. these changes sound interesting BUT for a new game mode.. something called.. Bear Grylls' mode or something xD.. Jokes aside, those shouldn't be Vanilla settings I agree DS winter is harder but that comes from how thermal stones in DS work.... again.. this could be included in that "harder mode" even with the OP thermals in DST, many players don't even survive the winter. So... from the devs perspective.. to make the game more popular.. I don't see that changing either in normal DST......
  16. Weird Ideas

    Great idea,but I would imagine that maybe the zombie spores would make infected duplicants randomly destroy buildings as well, since they are called "zombie Spores".
  17. Power after update

    No it didn´t change, sry if my post was confusing. I used "open" ranches for my solar power, so I could lure in more shine bugs than a stable would hold without a "real" lure that "wastes" resources or egg micromanagement or shipping automation. => I was forced to add open doors to my setup, which reduced the amount of shine bugs inside my "room".
  18. So I noticed something with the sneezing from slimelung that was a bit disturbing. My dupes stress skyrocketed and I've seen some dupes with very low kcal counts. Seems that when the dupe jumps in the shower they go to sneeze and it interrupts their shower and they are left grimy even though they've showered for 80-90% of the required time. Also I've seen them eating and stop eating for a sneeze and their kcal counts are much lower. I've not seen them sneeze their way out of the bathroom yet, so don't think that is a thing. Just a FYI, as I saw my stress spike up to 15% when normally mine is almost always at 0-2%.
  19. I think people the problem is that you have gotten good enough at the game that you know what the threats are and how to deal with it. Remember that there are still other people in-game that are struggling to learn how to survive. Heck, just look at the workshop and every week there’s a new mod that helps make the game easier.
  20. I found the "Dupes went to bed, and when they woke up, they might got sick" mechanics very uninteresting. Without direct mention in tutorial, how on earth could I found out the disease would working this way? After one hundred observation cases about infection, maybe. But it's also uninteresting to read it clearly in tutorial message too. Please find another way to decide when dupes got sick.
  21. Hmm. I have some shine bug power too though it didn’t look like the wattage each panel was outputting changed drastically.
  22. Yeah, it's been an hour since the reply, it could have been 2s for you. But I acknowledged the quote either way. She "like"-ing is a personality trait, not a gameplay mechanic. So, lore. "she gains sanity from burning things" is a gameplay mechanic. Don't change the words that I quoted please. I don't know, did I say something about ignoring it?
  23. I am getting into the late game and I constantly find that the speed which gasses flow though vents are too slow, this issue is compounded by trying to fill multiple atmo suits. Some of the issue happens when there is a branching path. Any path makes the gas stop and figure out where to go but that delay can happen multiple times and nothing expect pushing all oxygen directly into atmo suits seems to fix it but then that leads to another issue. Putting directly into the suits means that it is possible that gas backs up to the eletrolyzer then production stops which stops hydrogen production which stalls power.
  24. The camp thing was just an example of how she wouldn't want to set fire to the things that she needs to help her survive, which would exactly be the case if she builds an ice flingomatic in the first place. The original idea was her being able to set mobs on fire while preserving whatever helpful loot they might drop.
  25. They'll always have that extra lag and it will still be noticeable near the cap. Especially with a suit on. It's not debilitating, but there is simply no reason to have to tank that. The good traits aren't all that good. By endgame, you really only care about two of them: diver's lungs (in water-starved colonies) and twinkletoes. And anemic is an opposite of one of those.
  26. Tbh I haven't seen that video on youtube.. or you mean Twitch? and I would appreciate if you could link the things you are referring to. I'm not denying other people experiences with the game, but by default the experiences of the people that didn't encounter crashes from older saves shouldn't be dismissed either. As I said, I understand people's discomfort but the game is in Early Access, which unfortunately means they WILL have a s h i t ton of bugs... Just for contrast pls compare to the state of other AAA games that don't even work AT FULL RELEASE. Now, do I condone Klei for releasing an undercooked update? No. Do I expect this can happen in Early Access? Yes.
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