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  2. Yeah it was supposedly fixed but... it's not. I already posted the bug in the bug tracker.
  3. oof. If this stays it's gonna make shadow piece rushing a nightmare. I liked to rush chess piece blueprints by full moon on day 11. No way I'm gonna be able to do it if they're on the island.
  4. Boat speed and balance

    This is a bug, you can do this, you just need to have a world without caves, and be the host of the boat. In the future, you should be able to repair boats with caves, and probably without being the host. Now, for boats? Skins, and different types are what I'd like. I hate being the downer here, but as people say, it's my job. I doubt we're getting housing, DS and DST's versions are so different at this point, they're far apart and aren't apply to properly transport something so heavy. Plus, that's what Hamlet has that's unique. Hamlet is just a ROG reskin with slight edits if housing is taken out of the picture, or in this case being added to the second game. Plus all the balancing, and functionality of it all would be really confusing. It'd be insane if we did get, I'd like that, but I'm doubtful. Maybe RoT will bring in content that's just as good.
  5. I found the rook nose on one of the islands. Thanks to the boat was easier to get it closer to set piece.
  6. Can live without the flute as there other ways to get one, but without Glommer statue .. boy that sure sucks. Not being able to reset traps is the most annoying thing right now. Disabled all mods and nothing.. just doesn't reset them.
  7. Unfortunate Screecaps

    I don't think it was being damaged at all, no. It was actually my fluid pipes that were persistently breaking because my water pool was too cold lol
  8. I heared that everybody can make beta test for this dlc only if he got a gift.
  9. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    honestly this would be a cool way to unlock wormwood. get like a special seed from doing something, planting it and waiting for it to grow.
  10. Positive sides of Hamlet

    the royal stuffs are nice to have as decorations.
  11. Today
  12. oh! silly me, haha, totally escaped my gaze. thank you for everything! that will be all for this thread :3
  13. Ideas for boats and sea mechanics.

    and who wouldn't?
  14. Boat speed and balance

    I definitely think that is just meant to be the ground work as they said for future content so perhaps the boat types we have now are just place holder, the beta is for us eager "Guinea Pigs" to play around with after all. I have no doubt these things will either be the ground work for bigger vessels or for house boats in due time. If we are lucky they may try to incorporate the housing system like they did in hamlet, or not we shall see.
  15. Screenshot showcase

    Some shenanigans involving me updating some mods to work with the Return of Them update. I don my trusty pith hat and enter the moon island. Then suddenly I'm like... OH GOD WHY DID I COME HERE?!?!? WAIT, MAYBE IF I WEAR MY GAS MASK THEY WON'T NOTICE I'VE BEEN ENLIGHTENED! And here's me getting the kiss emote at the wrong frame, was too lazy to take the screenshot again so I used it in the mod. >.< Moon coffee anyone?
  16. Lunar Biome Boss Ideas

    It would be nice to see something similar to the bone helm where you could where it to see through enlightened vision, for those who wish to be insane all the time with out an issue I suppose, probably would have a durability. Not a perfect idea by any means but perhaps enlightenment in the future will hold more purpose.
  17. Think of it like an adventure! Long artifact journey to bring it back on a ship.
  18. Gestalt

    it reminds me of amy adams in "arrival"
  19. @Bigfoot Take all the time you need. Gamers rather have polished game right from the start than scuffed release with fixes later I really look forward to the testing part of this final update and also REALLY hope there are more performance updates Keep up the good work.
  20. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Klei how could you copy this masterpiece
  21. If a gnat swarm swarms you while you're playing on a controller you won't be able to attack anything else, leaving you completely defenseless. Edit: can't pick up anything either. Anything that requires targeting another entity and pressing a button to do seems to fail, including entering structures.
  22. Gnat swarms can place new mounds over other structures

    P.S.: Is it safe to remove these with c_remove()? Will the gnats attempt to make another mound or wander homelessly?
  23. Just what it says on the tin. They're still automatically targeted and can be inspected when playing with a controller.
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