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    Fear Before The March of Flames - Taking Cassandra To The End of The World Party Modest Mouse - Wild Pack of Family Dogs Run the Jewels - Blockbuster Night Part 1 (LANGUAGE WARNING) Mos Def - Life is Real
  3. Count to 200 without interruption

    + the answer to everything
  4. Thank you, its working now: local require = GLOBAL.require --Bosses that spawn and are aggresive towards players local Bosses = {"deerclops", "bearger", "toadstool", "klaus", "stalker_atrium"} --Bosses that passively roam around the world local PassiveBosses = {"dragonfly", "moose", "minotaur", "antlion"} for i,v in ipairs(Bosses) do AddPrefabPostInit(v, function(inst) print("[Boss Spawned] ", inst) inst:ListenForEvent("death", function(inst) print("[Boss Killed] ", inst) end) end) end for i,v in ipairs(PassiveBosses) do AddPrefabPostInit(v, function(inst) inst:ListenForEvent("death", function(inst) print("[Boss Killed] ") end) end) end AddPrefabPostInit("world", function() GLOBAL.TheWorld:ListenForEvent("resetruins", function() print("[World Event] Ruins Reset") end) end) Do you know if there is a way i can track who killed them? Or even who's been hitting them before they die
  5. Not really, you would still need to prepare for whatever impending doom you see on said clock, that's for the first few years tho
  6. Count to 200 without interruption

    One hundred plus the meaning of life.
  7. If that's how you think of it. They do not produce PO2 when submerged in any amount of liquid anymore.
  8. Yes, and they can fall through pneumatic doors to keep your crowding tank separated from the rest of the asteroid.
  9. Ban GNIO because the link to my ONI thread is literally in my signature. You have no valid excuse.
  10. Today
  11. Is there a way to change your username?

    Scary, makes me think "Do I want Sero1, 2 or 3 or a completely different name" Thank you though
  12. The only thing you demand is our attention, Dont Starve has 0 pirate aspect outside of 1 skin. Dont force them to reuse content. Also go to another thread if you gonna keep going off topic I heavily doubt it because lunar wouldn't play it but everywhere else would. Plus in my experience going from either lunar or caves back to mainland fixed it
  13. So based on this. Its ok to dump a ton of pacu in a single tank. They will still lay eggs as long as there are no eggs in the tank with them. So I'd want to put in a sweeper that drops the eggs in a platform above the tank for the eggs to hatch. Then they can flop into the tank.
  14. so they have fixed that just like if it was an exploit?
  15. I've checked it and couldn't find.
  16. No. You used to be able to prevent the pressure limit so that they could always produce PO2. The way that morbs should be used is that they should never be used.
  17. The swamp

    No regrowth mechanic. But also see below. Reeds, like many other wild plants, can't start wildfires. Other examples are planted carrots, cactus, not withered grass/saplings/berry bushes, spiky bushes, mushrooms, planted mandrakes, etc. Obviously these things can still be set on fire in other ways, but at least if you play with people you trust and are careful with more predictable things like red hounds, your reeds will be safe even in summer. Though I believe spiky trees can start wildfires, so make sure the fire won't spread to reeds.
  18. yup. I tried to add back the mod and it said it was "depreciated" ...not sure if it would work. But as base got bigger, the issue came back
  19. What's the speed of morb production by oathouses?
  20. Ya know what's a mod I'm really surprised you didn't mention, considering this is about survival? Thirst! This, the newer version, is way too fancy for my tastes, but unfortunately the old version (which I used in my "March of Civilizaton" challenge) apparently crashes all the time now. Anyway. Don't let all the bells, whistles and pretties distract you--this is a mod that adds an ENTIRE NEW STAT that has to be _constantly_ watched, just like hunger, HP and sanity, and all the fancy things you can (eventually) make with it...only solve the problems that the mod itself created. And you _can_, for example, just randomly drink out of a pond, but (a) uncleaned water lowers your health and sanity a tad and (b) you're likely to spawn a snake. (Which barks like a dog,unless they've fixed that. : P) In fact, _cacti_ can also spawn snakes. And there will be times when you're nowhere NEAR a water source for way, way longer than you anticipated. So...yeah. Also, do you find your Constant's orbit around its (presumed) sun a little too predictable? Want to be kept on your toes by nature itself? Then say hello to the Actual Season Randomiser! The in-game settings aren't truly random; they randomise the season lengths ONCE and then it _sticks_ that way for every year thereafter. Want to go to sleep freezing in winter and then wake up roasting, frantically scrambling to prototype an endo fire? (This has exactly happened to me, more than once.) This is the mod for you! Also both spring AND summer have the trees turning green, so if they start doing that in winter suddenly, all you know is THAT something is going to happen. Not _what_. Season lengths can range from NONE, to 40 days (winter/summer) or 50 (spring/fall). I once had a world with 40-day winters AND 50-day springs every year. It does change up your gameplay style, lemme tell ya. OBVIOUSLY the Season Clock and any other mod that uses it will negate the hell out of this. So will living in the caves, to an extent. This is for those idiots tough badasses who refuse to come in out of the...everything. Or who don't like cave living. : P ...Notorious
  21. I have read in some very old topics (2017) that morbs should be submerged to produce more P02. Is that so still? Why is that?
  22. No, 20kg... or 20.000g as it says. The maximum setting (in vanilla game).
  23. Music thread

    Norma Jean - Sword in Mouth, Fire Eyes
  24. I've just started condensing oxygen and hydrogen and I've placed my condenser underneath my rocket launch facilities, as you can see I've got what I believe to be a very standard set up (aqua-tuner under steam turbine). I've been most careful to leave the one tile gap between the insulated floor of the rocket launch facilities and the gas condenser building yet when I launch a rocket I've noticed the temperature of everything just below that one tile gap heating up to an enormous degree. I can't figure out how this is happening, how the heat is getting through, I've watched in 1x speed the rocket launch and throughout the launch process a vacuum persists in the space between the two structures(no carbon dioxide exhaust) yet all the insulated tiles that make up the building heat up, which heats up the interior causing the steam turbines to overheat. Is there something in the mechanics of rocket launches that I'm missing that is overriding the good ol' no thermal interaction in a vacuum rule, or could this potentially be a bug of some sort, I understand that it makes sense that these things under the rocket would heat up IRL a duh doy, but this seems to be inconsistent with all the rules about thermodynamics in this game as I've understood them thus far. Can someone explain?
  25. The swamp

    Guess you need some strawberries which grow down in the caves on trees, act like birchnuts in terms of fillers, spoil into Cut Grass and can be dried into Cut Reeds.
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