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  2. So you just fuel your rockets and never fly them? If you make a fuel loop back into your storage and get fuel detector at the end you'll know when to cut fuel.
  3. yes, this was also just my thought, wonder why Ultroman did not wrote about it, his post sounded like it would be impossible. I currently dont have the time to look deeper into the files, if this would really solve the problem. You or ultroman can try it
  4. Couldn't I override OnUpdate using AddClassPostConstruct then and change it to show changes in health caused by my mod? I'll keep this in mind if I am not able to modify the health badge to show changes in health from my mod, thanks!
  5. Telelocator Staff glitched. Stuck at loading screen
  6. if you make the "IsOverheating" function alwas return true if it is your char and in sun, then ice/endothermic wont do anything. I dont know if it is easier to disable the orange overheating effect, than to enable the health loss effect But of course it could conflict with regular overheating, so if you char is really overheated + in sun, the effect would be the same like normal overheating.
  7. I suppose, however I would like it more if I could thematically stay away from the overheating effect. Using the overheating mechanic would invoke the sort of orange-y overlay would it not? Also wouldn't stuff like eating ice or endothermic firepits stop the overheating effect? I wouldn't want that.
  8. Cookie Cutter armor to go with the hat.
  9. Count to 200 without interruption

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  11. Wall Clipping

    Fell in this little corner
  12. ban melen because they clearly need-eth slep
  13. So no one at all who plays this game has Ever played state of Decay 2?? yeah it may not be the best game ever created but it does something Don’t Starve Together currently does not do very well at all.. and that would be catering to both casual players who want an easy enjoyable experience & to the players who have seen it all, done it all and want death to await them around every corner like the game is Dark Souls but 10000x more difficult. There is a World of differences between Easy & Nightmare Moses in SoD 2- on Easy resources are plentiful and easy to come by, Vehicles appear on the map always in good condition and full of gas. On Nightmare- Enemies could one hit kill you, you would be lucky to find a vehicle at all that wasn’t totaled and out of fuel, every area on the map had extremely reduced resources (to simulate the area had previously been scavenged through) oh yeah and the Mini Map was completely disabled. Theres a lot more... but now I want to move away from SoD and talk directly about DST & DS Mobile. The mobile version of DS has a “No Sweat Mode” which allows players to casually explore the world at their own pace and learn the game before jumping into something harder. Everything you know about DS- Or thought you knew rather... can be turned off for this mode, Overheating, Hypothermia, Hound Wave Attacks, Reign of Giants content, even Darkness can be disabled completely. The Mobile version of DS & DS: Shipwrecked even curiously has a feature that the Console version does not- and that’s the ability to toggle every item in the game and choose how much or how little of it spawns. from Lots More, More, Default, Less, A lot less, or None at All. those of you crying for a more Hardcore DS Experience need to stop looking for mods to fix it, and start asking Klei why the game doesn’t have this kind of customization over your worlds. imagine a “Lots More” toggle for stuff like Bearger and Deerclops, so instead of One... Three could be wrecking your crap at once. or a “None at All” toggle for stuff like Golden Ingots spawning into the world.. i guarantee you that even you hardcore veterans would be begging for mercy when you spend 53 in game days scouring the map to find ONE little golden ingot so you can craft your very first Science Machine. go ahead... somebody prove me wrong.
  14. So I have a proposed change to the interaction between bunker doors and rockets, let me preface this by saying that in my initial attempt to automate bunker doors for the purposes of rockets I had introduced a filter gate between the rocket's take off automation port in order to account for the time it took for the bunker doors to open assuming they would be broken by the rocket's flight, I designed my second silo in haste forgetting to put in this key piece of automation only to find that the system actually functioned more efficiently than before saving perhaps a half a second of time in the take off process. I realized i had made the game harder for myself than I had to but simultaneously found it quite satisfying to have solved a problem in general that I had expected, due to this I feel it would be appropriate to change the interaction between rockets and bunker doors. I realize that the doors simply breaking under these circumstances means turning off auto repair would effectively make them perfectly convenient, what I want is a nerf, I want the game to be harder. I don't know if the bunker doors should just disappear in a chunk of steel, they could be misplaced by the collision in addition to being broken, there are definitely more elegant and satisfying solutions to my dissatisfaction that i believe would improve the game for everyone ie. make it more challenging.
  15. Character Help

    look at already existing code and how it is done there. eg. the white chester or the insulated backpack. And to spawn ice you can use the inst:WatchWorldState("isday", SpawnIceFunction). This function then is called at beginning of every day.
  16. as I wrote at the other thread: Why dont you simply use the current game mechanic of overheating? As I understand, you want a vampire that is taking damage in the sun. So overheating fits, or not? For this ypu simply have to adjust the "IsOverheating" function saved in every player, so with AddPlayerPostInit and "inst.IsOverheating = ..." (while preserving the original function of course). Or do AddPrefabPostInit("yourcharacter",.. (keep in mind that this function is called for server and client)
  17. Own Fanart Thread

    Yup, more in-game-like than portrait-like.
  18. Ban GNO because it's 4:30 in the morning, I just finished blazing through the last bit of KH DDD, my brain is now mush and I'd like to go die now please.
  19. I believe so... Oh my god that'd be amazing.
  20. Best thing for powdercake is for Gobbler farms. make a fenced area in middle of your berry bushes, and put one inside, the gobblers will go for it instead of the other bushes.
  21. Holy heck it's 4:30 AM.

    ...well I guess I'm royally screwed. :wilson_facepalm:

  22. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    this is why we cant have nice things
  23. Don't Starve has been "learned" at this point, the two options are either: Make currently available content much more difficult. Or add more SURVIVAL challenges you have to prepare for and deal with. Obviously they don't know how to accomplish these things without interrupting the new player experience, and the 'casual' audience they have created out of thin air simply by making the game multiplayer. Klei has instead chosen to add pointless optional content, which is only difficult when you choose to engage with it. You know what Reign of Giants did? It added 2 new seasons, bosses, and mechanics that you could NOT avoid having to deal with. The only time Klei have attempted this in DST is with disease, a laughable mechanic that requires no effort and poses no threat. Simple tweaks to armor or weapons and basic items/numbers is NOT enough. The game needs better challenges, or emergent threats that you cannot fully predict if it's going to satisfy a lot of veteran fans. I just think its a bit... unfair that they have chosen to cater to a demographic that Klei CREATED out of thin air, rather than catering to the people who first supported the series and fell in love with it because it was a niche hardcore title.
  24. That's a good point. I remember back when I expected 2% but wasn't getting it. It confused me. It's true. Meat can be converted to just about anything in one way or another.
  25. In fact it offers more protection; however, the cost could be reduced to only 1 pig skins
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