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  2. We generally feed bees that are still alive, though . Fish are dead from the moment they stop flopping after being fished up, unless there's something special about how Wurt fishes.
  3. Did you already forget about Star-sky? But I think she'll get the ability to feed fish like we can already feed bees, since merm hunts are probably constructed with fish based on the resources we get from hammering them, it would be useful for the same reason
  4. I think the reasoning is this: The preferred method of ranching many critters is to herd wild ones. Pacus mostly exist for meat and eggshells. Wild Pacus produce both at no penalty without any feeding at all. They each produce an egg to replace themselves when they die. Feeding a Pacu produces dirt, but that's not really the purpose. Mostly what you're buying by feeding them algae is more Pacus, which you can then put in a wild pool to perpetually produce meat and lime. You're not supposed to haul most "common" resources back from space. Hauling water back, for example, is obviously a poor return on your effort. The only things that are worth it are things that you can't get anywhere else (i.e. niobium) or are very limited (i.e. wheezewort seeds, tungsten). Algae is a common resource, and it's more viable to produce it through polluted oxygen -> puffs -> slime -> distillation. Puffs -> algae still kind of sucks, IMHO, but I think that's the intended route for renewable algae. Which only makes sense if you view algae is a one-time cost to buy extra Pacu eggs, not as an ongoing expense. Compare Pacus to Pokeshells. Pokeshells produce sand if you feed them and more Pokeshells. You don't really want the sand, since there's nearly infinite sand available just by crushing rock. It's definitely easier to feed Pokeshells than Pacus, but my point is mainly that feeding them is nearly pointless unless you want to increase your Pokeshell herd. This reasoning doesn't apply to hatches, puffs, or slicksters. I think you're supposed to ranch those for their outputs. I'm not a fan of the algae cost for Pacus either, but that's the justification. I think.
  5. I'm still pretty intrigued by this perk too, does she get sanity from holding fish in her inventory? Or does she actually have a specific pet fish?
  6. is it weird i'm excited for a pet fish? in hopes it actually is a pet fish that we just carry around with us?
  7. the solution i put here should work:
  8. Another way to think about it, when training a dupe for a skill they are interested in, it costs them 1 less need to learn it. Seeing as proportion of morale vs. morale need doesn't matter, just that you have at least as much of one as the other, this is a valid way to view it.
  9. I've always thought that Pacus ate far too much of a rarish resource to realistically survive. IMO, there should be a better method of producing algae, or pacus should eat less per cycle.
  10. Can't put my item into chest

    The onputininventory function is called pretty much any time an item gets a new "owner", be it another player or some container. It's specifically called in Container:GiveItem. if in_slot then --weird case where we are trying to force a stack into a non-stacking container. this should probably have been handled earlier, but this is a failsafe if not self.acceptsstacks and item.components.stackable and item.components.stackable:StackSize() > 1 then item = item.components.stackable:Get() self.slots[in_slot] = item item.components.inventoryitem:OnPutInInventory(self.inst) self.inst:PushEvent("itemget", { slot = in_slot, item = item, src_pos = src_pos }) return false end self.slots[in_slot] = item item.components.inventoryitem:OnPutInInventory(self.inst) self.inst:PushEvent("itemget", { slot = in_slot, item = item, src_pos = src_pos }) if not self.ignoresound and self.inst.components.inventoryitem ~= nil and self.inst.components.inventoryitem.owner ~= nil then self.inst.components.inventoryitem.owner:PushEvent("gotnewitem", { item = item, slot = in_slot }) end return true end You can add another condition to your function to verify that the owner is a player, so it'll skip trying to call the function if the new owner is a container: inst.components.inventoryitem.onputininventoryfn = function(inst, player) if player:HasTag("player") and player.prefab ~= "bibi" then inst:DoTaskInTime(0.01, function() player.components.inventory:DropItem(inst) player.components.talker:Say("I don't want to cut of my toes with it!") end) end end
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  12. Why do you play as your main?

    Which character is your main?
  13. 2019 nightmare fuel thread

    Since it's close to Halloween it's time to post some cheezy lost footage
  14. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    When the Wurt fanarts make her look more... Womanly.
  15. Soon. Timezones probably. We still got over 24 hours.
  16. I thought she came out on thursday! edit: whoops. timezones!
  17. @biopon sweepers can be on top too just like nakomaru said
  18. Hamlet is Too Forced

    Then may I suggest that you stop playing the game ? Just because you don't feel like doing what is required to succeed in playing Hamlet does not mean the core of the game has to change. And also I feel like reminding you that DLCs are not supposed to copy the original game, but rather add new experiences for the players. If the Hamlet experience does not fit you, then by all means stick to RoG or SW. And also, your post is full of inconsistencies : You say that but shorly after state how boring and dictating this DLC is. So what it is ? The most creative iteration or the most dictating and stressing one ? Granted this does not have to be directly opposed, but still, I feel contradicted feelings in your post. We have been able to link worlds for years now, right from the creation of SW. Hamlet is mostly about exploring ruins so it makes sense for this exploration to be rewarding to the player (in this case, it helps postpone / stop the aporkalypse), The only difference between H and the other DLCs is that it makes the game easier to explore them early on (as opposed for instance to RoG where you can postpone ruins exploration for as much time as you want), but 60 days is long enough to do so, by far. Also, Hamlet has been released a long time after the base game and the other DLCs, which means the players are now a lot more experienced, hence akin to harder challenges. It's not, by any means. In Hamlet, you don't have giants attacking you every season, instead you have the Aporkalypse coming in from time to time. Now that I think about it, it's not that different, except maybe that it feels a bit more oppressive. All in all, I think you should be a little more patient and open minded about Hamlet. Klei created an extraordinary game where it is even possible to link every DLC together. If you enjoy more the others, then by all means stick to them but you cannot really criticize Klei from bringing challenges to their DLC and make Hamlet oppressive because that's always what DS has been : oppressive. That's the core aspect of the game. Until you figure out how to fight things and / or get ready for the difficulties to come, everything is oppressive in every DLC. Be patient and you'll realize soon enough that exploring the ruins to stop the first aporkalypse is no different than getting these precious resources needed to craft your first winter gears.
  19. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Me finally gathering enough courage to fight a tallbird for the first time: I spent an hour making this on one of those stupid built in computer mouses, what is my life.
  20. The Jet Suit Dock takes liquid petroleum as input. Expected: I expect this building's liquid intake to appear as a white "Building Intake" pipe sink in the liquid overview. Actual: However, for some reason it appears as an orange "Filtered Output Pipe" source. The building still works fine otherwise. Proposed Fix: Change the building liquid input to appear as a white "Building Intake" liquid sink, similar to other buildings that consume liquid. If there's some particular reason that it's orange or looking like a "Filtered Output Pipe", that's not clear to me; maybe document the rationale.
  21. We were in the ruins when an earthquake happened. A little bit later, the game crashes, and our items have been reset by at least 15 days back.
  22. I keep getting this error whenever I go to launch the batch file for my server, how do I fix this?
  23. It's getting too heated here.

    This is beautiful
  24. Count to 200 without interruption

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