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  2. ImpactedTooth's Art Thread

    Are you gonna smooth out the giant statue? There's a way to do that in blender but I can't exactly remember how ^^;
  3. Festive/Christmas Tree Missing?

    That's a idea I was thinking as well. Kind of shocked when the fiesta content was under the label "YOTP".
  4. Help.

    1. make a pickaxe, and mine stone slab which drop rocks so you can craft hammer 2. wait for BFB to bring you back to the cave
  5. @krop It's not added yet. here is current situation. Is there any alternate way to achieve this??
  6. [Game Update] - 336897

    Any new ornaments?
  7. Help.

    My bad.
  8. I'm hoping and guessing that this is just a bug that is happening because it's relation to the overworld's drastic world generation changes. Caves are unplayable for me right now. A little bit of randomness in your exploring is fine, but right now it's way too random and nothing makes sense.
  9. silly drawings i make

    Yep! Nonspecific goat being looked upon by a crowd of other goats while he painfully morphs. Gnaw means business.
  10. DST old skins

    @Warlockadamm I like getting all the content as it comes out in a bundled price. I get Rainbow Six Siege season passes too, and I enjoy the early access of all the new content as well as actually getting new stuff as it's released. Like this past Wortox update. If I had a season pass I may have gotten him early and at a slightly better rate. I see no problem with those who want to buy new content as it comes out or who want to grind to earn over a thousand spools for new characters, but I happen to like season passes. I've unraveled every duplicate gift I have gotten over the past month and a half of playing the game, and I still only have 325 spools, without having used any of it. Different people, different planet. Just because you may not see an advantage does not mean one doesn't exist for others
  11. silly drawings i make

    Is that a goat becoming a merm?
  12. That's a Multicorn! A Uni-corn has a single large bulbous corn on it head. The Cornbulb is covered in it's husk for most of it lifetime but then blooms in a certain season. Once killed, the Uni-corn drops one Cornbulb. Setting the cornbulb on fire ignites it like gunpowder and explodes but the cornbulb deals a bit more damage than gunpowder... also it drops 3-4 Popcorn on explosion. Ok.... maybe that's a little too elaborate...
  13. silly drawings i make

    and the crowd watched as he lost everything ( spoilered cuz vomit is NASTY >:O )
  14. Why Are You Guys Quiet?

    People make a big deal over cut content too much IMO. If people could see all the unused content for any of their games that aren’t in the files, they would have heart attack.
  15. This one has my vote
  16. GUESS WHO'S BACK. BACK AGAIN. CAPPY'S BACK. TELL A FRIEND. Thanks! And I'm glad. I left on a rather sour note the last time I was here. Safe to say after recent events, I am no longer salty /shot But ok, no seriously /brushes off the dust on this old thing, slowly getting my Don't Starve addiction back and after the well needed Willow update I am slowly becoming a Willow main again did some art of my daughter. I really miss drawing these characters and drawing in this style. It's so much fun. Maybe I'll try to post more.
  17. Help.

    My skeleton is blocking my only door to the mainland, and i can't hammer it. What do i do, i'm stuck on the 5th island.
  18. I'm still trying to conect the account and i saw, when i try to conect Klei to Twitch appears an error message but conect the account, so Twitch says it's conected and Klei says it's not, and when i try to conect again Klei says it's conected and during livestreams Twitch says it's not conected, but at Twitch configs appears Klei is conected, idk nothing anymore, pls help me ;- ;
  19. Vortex cloak placement issue

    sorry about the way the images came out, i was originally going to post this some where else but realized that the bug forum was where i should post it. I just copy pasted from my original page because im lazy.
  20. So let me first say that i'm very happy that bug fixes are coming to hamlet, that said It seems I've found a new one for you guys. So I used the living artifact inside of the room with the Apocalypse calendar, and when i left... the whole room was pitch black except for the ghost, as in I was in a void except for all the intractable stuff (I was also playing wormwood when this happened not sure if his blooming had anything to do with it). and then on top of that after i re-logged to fix the issue, the music was gone. then when I used the artifact to kill the ancient he rald and made the cloak, i realized while using it, I can place anything down, the vortex cloak acts as if its no the ground and not a back pack. this is the strangest placement issue I have ever had.
  21. Doodles! of DS!

    Don't forget to post these Wheeler arts in the Klei art stream thread. I'm confused, is she fighting or romancing this pig?
  22. Today
  23. Why Are You Guys Quiet?

    I don't know about this being a strike against them, there are things in there that have been unimplemented since SW. Unimplemented stuff is always gonna be in game files, we are just fortunate to be able to see it. I'd rather criticize the game as it is, than to worry about what could have been. I mean, we have to assume that some things were simply not feasible to finish or include with their budget/time, and call it a day.
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