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M is for Power?


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Guys, guys, GUYS.

I just realized something. We all know, that all playable characters names start with W, right? Except  Maxwell, who actually is William, but turning W in his name upside down made him mad and evil.

But what if turning W to M actually gives the character royalty and power?

We have Maxwell, we have queen Metheus, we have Mumsy, who is some kind of “in charge” of Gorge village or whatever it is. But guess what changed when Hamlet came out? We now have queen MALFALFA. 

So, now we have 3 royal characters and 1 some-kind-of-royal (or may be EX-royal?) character in the lore, and all their names start with M. The only character who doesn’t fit in this theory is Charlie, but may be it’s her second name or something like that? 

Also, in case if this theory actually is right, then letter, or, I guess, symbol of W means something like working class, even proletariat or just simple people. Let me know, what do you think about that!

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1 minute ago, __IvoCZE__ said:

Mumsy is just a mom who survives the aporkalypse with billy.

aporkalypse in elder bog caused by gnaw , not random shadows

but there no goats in hamlet, and aporkalypse is obviously connected with shadows cuz of herald summoning nightmares

gnaw is something more like an lovecraftian god idk, but it’s something totally different 

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