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Theory of Maxameleon and Hamlet, R.Wagstaff and revelations (

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Maxwell is not that powerful in the end, he is more powerful than him in The Constant, I've seen fans talk about Robert Wagstaff, who is he? It would act in a certain way on Do not Starve, I do not know if the DLCs are taken into account in the story. But Hamlet confirms something, when Maxwell examines Maxameleon, he says "he is new", so he does not know it, ancient ruins will be added soon in Hamlet, they surely have a relation with all that is "ancient". Now, we know that ancient technology is particularly powerful in the game, it brings together magic, Thulecite material etc ... It could be R.Wagstaff, the author of "old" technologies. In a Hamlet battlefield biome, it is said in the wiki that the burn marks recall the Dragonfly shower in Do not Starve Together, Hamlet could be the sequel to DST, while DST is the sequel of DS. It's not over, Iron Hulk is a robot scattered in Hamlet, it would surprise me that robots are not made by Wagstaff, WX-78 has a name similar to Voxola PR-7, the radio at the end of the mode adventure with Maxwell, in my opinion it's not a coincidence, 76 is very close to 78, and Wagstaff is the creator of this radio. Maxameleon has a link with Wagstaff, Maxwell is supposed to know what he creates. Wx must have been made by Wagstaff.

In conclusion: I think that as Wagstaff went bankrupt, he wanted to take revenge on Maxwell who won him a lot of success with his Codex Umbra, and thus locked him in The Constant




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17 minutes ago, metallichydra said:

i think that there's 2 different "timelines":
ds: ds (or RoG) --> adventure mode --> shipwrecked --> hamlet

dst ds (or RoG) --> adventure mode --> metheus puzzle --> dont starve together --> forge --> gorge


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I'm thinking maybe these dlcs happened before adventure but after rog

After getting tired of his old land, Wilson decides to embark on an oceanic adventure via boat. He then gets stuck in shipwrecked and has to survive there. Wilson then discovers the seaworthy, gets back to rob and decides to finally face up to Maxwell. He beats him and sends him back to the constant. Since Maxwell states that maxameleon is new, we can conclude that this happens after shipwrecked. I don't know what happened in between Maxwell teleporting to the constant and his death, since Wilson was still able to set up a base. For the sake of this theory, let's say hamlet happened in this part as Wilson embarked into the sky and ended up there. Sometime in the future, Wilson returns and Maxwell poofs into the same world by the sky worthy or whatever. They meet up and the rest is history.

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