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  1. PS4 Buttons?

    I use ps4 contact but its mapped as a diffrent controller.
  2. I always just thought they were trapped in a state of existence never to die but to re-live life over and over in regards of how many time they die until they ether break the cycle or re-start it all again never to end.
  3. I am happy warly is comeing to DST
  4. Renovate-ornaments wont let me put photo or hunt decoration on wall.
  5. Weird Headcannons

    The pig king is punga and the gnaw.
  6. The Peagawk feather will regrow quickly once pluck from the Peagawk i was able too collect alot of Peagawk feather by re plucking it over and over.
  7. Game crashed when exit a cave.