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Wigfrid's Deerclops Eye - Symbol Name

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G'day, you beautiful people, how are you doing?

Some person tried modding in their own animation using my template and they reported that there's a missing symbol - Wigfrid's eye:


I thought to myself "Hm, the hairfront symbol probably got fixed!" and went into the game to test it (I excluded hairfront because it's an additional layer not used by anything in the game and to top it off it's broken in like half of the animations)


No, not at all. In ^this^ screenshot I've overriden haifront with Wilson's hair.

I've tried looking up this symbol/layer's name is, but I've found nothing.

This, to my knowledge, is the only skin using this symbol.

I can't unpack the skins either, because they're in a different format and it's "forbidden" to unpack them anyways...

Does anyone know what is this thing called? I just want to add it to the animation template so that people don't create potentially broken animations (because who knows how many skins in the future are going to use this symbol).

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