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Found 3 results

  1. I took "" and changed the water drop png file to a png of a mug (I did not mess with the animation at all). Here is that file I then use autocompiler and the animation gets messed up. Here is the messed up file Happens everytime I autocompile. Help.
  2. Klei Tools

    Version 1.0.5


    Hello Guys so i was working on a project which allows you to convert animation to scml with one file it creates scml,textures and back ups the anim in the .zip The Pack Includes Following Things: FMOD Studio,Texmod,Krane Converter,Spriter and some of my old scripts including old throne Folders on Screenshot: Textures - Extracted Textures Input - Put .zip files in here Output - Has the converted scml ready to open with spriter Texmod - Creating of .tex and Viewing it FMOD Studio - Allows to edit audio to make it work with klei games Spriter - Studio for Animating And don't forget about reading ReadMe.txt Newest Version Can be found here Klei Tools.rar
  3. Hi. I have some questions about the program „Spriter” ● To, filaments folders throw graphics ? ● Is the artwork must have the same name as the folder ? ● How to call individual folders that is thrown graphics ? If you want to do in Don't Starve item that just lying on the ground and we can pick it up for equipment is doing so: ( example ) : nitre I make modifications in your folder „exported” and subfolders: ► exported ► anim ► nitre in the "nitre" I put the picture ( png ) with the same name: „nitre" I open the program „Spriter” and choose: ► New Project... ► my mod ► exported ► anim ► nitre then show me the 2 folders: ► entity_000 ► NewAnimation which will replace for: ► nitre ► idle to your "idle" drag image (png), who was added called "nitre" Then I save the project in „scml” when you turn on the game "Don't Starve" object "nitre" looks and works very well I created the character, to which I want to add cottage that would be placed the example on the ground like a tent. House would have only one graphics. Spriter open and do the same as I wrote above, but somewhere I do a mistake, I miss a folder, or graphics as a holiday is not working properly. I tried to add an addition to your "idle" folder "hit" but the house still does not work properly... I would like to add to this house in the future, the smoke that wydobywałby from the chimney. Smoke contain 3 graphics. For a total of 4 images would be: home, smoke1, smoke, smoke3. Where in this case, to throw images with smoke, to which folder ? I beg you, help !