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Public Management (Politics & Diplomacy) System

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Hello Guys! (•ω•)


Now I am having my dam (2nd) super-long idea on this forum.

So please read my following warnings:



This post will be f**king long. If you don’t prefer reading this, it’s your own choice.

However you can just simply have a look on my concept arts to make this, short.

Yeah, same thing said before in this post

Really this will be a longer one.


Just one thing different, this is NOT a DLC, I am trying to include it into the game!




Last time I have an brief idea on this:

(Don' care about the cover image, it's the one in someone's comments.)

And dam*ed I spell "that word" wrong. However if you want to see what is the joke:




Well leave it.


Along with it, I just come with one problem: Who is the leader of the duplicants? Giving duplicants hope and courage? Probably not Gravitas, this project sounds abounded. And they never come back, probably hiding in their new lab or outposts.

Well then, there is no answer. So now let duplicant take their leadership.


On the other hand,


There must be someone living on the other asteroids and planets (probably another group of duplicants or existing ex-Gravitas staff evacuated), tbey can be found in space missions.

How about finding other existing lives, especially duplicants, human (prototype of  dupes) and those with high intelligence.

You have the choice to make friends or be hostile, or even organize sudden attacks.



Really now I am doing something more complicated. 

Here comes, the complication of politics and diplomacy,



The Public Management.


The system which you can increase the uniqueness of your colony, based on your politics.


Prefect - Leader of the Duplicants.


The only way to unite all duplicants together (and give them courage) is having a strong leader that help the entire group survive.

That means, you have to hire one. (And you can’t have more than one)

And this guy is in charge for politics and decisions (though the real one controlling is the player), without him, your policies are invalid.

Don’t worry about whether your duplicants will betray you. It can’t be converted unless brainwashed, and a prefect is immune to that.

The Policies Tree



Policies not just unlocks some new controls (instead of you have every special features like shift clock from the beginning), it also makes development easier. For example, “Public Ownership” policy will allow your beds and mess tables can be used by anybody that makes multishift management easier.

Policies sometimes saves your life in cost of morale and stress gain, like when you have to face starvation, you can sign “Alternative Food” to unlock cooking rots and slime into disgusting low quality dishes.


(I am still working on the entire Policies Tree! be paient!)

Diplomacy Madness


You are not the only one group survived, there are still many people outside. Such as Gravitas and independent duplicant groups. Or even other human colonists and high intelligence creatures!

Through exploration you may find some of them. Once you find one, you have a choice for remain neutral or build the bridge of friendliness, or WAR (Unlocks when you have established “Military” from Policies Tree). You can trade with them too, this can facilitate friendship and development of two states. Eve importing labours are possible! On the other hand, you can even form a fraction with others. However you will also have a risk of facing a greater war.


Main contents will be updated soon, be patient!

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1 hour ago, Madbro said:

Policies Tree prototyped by manual drafting machines!

P.S. “Prefect Office” is the base policy of the tree.


I will introduce the policies later.

You put so much love and detail into this!
When i am president of the world, you will get a high rank in the M.L.A.D. ministry!

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