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Colling water

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Couple of tips.

1)  Insulate your pipes.  Any pipe that will be carrying water should be fully insulated.  With your pipes like this you will be bleeding heat everywhere!
2) Consider WHY you are cooling your water.  Most water consumers in the game can use any temperature water, such as showers, sinks, toilets, and Electrolyzers.  So don't waste precious power to cool it.  Only irrigation, I think, benefits from using cool water.  So unless you're farming bristle berries or sleet wheat there's no reason to cool your water.  Just insulate all pipes and tanks.

3)  If you do need to cool your water the best place to put a Thermo Aquatuner is inside polluted water that you intend to filter using a seive.   The polluted water will absorb heat  a heck of a lot better than gasses and when you run it through the seive it will come out at 40c no matter how hot it is beforehand.

4)  Chaining aqua-tuners together is fine or you can use automation and a couple of resiviors to create a closed system that cycles the same water through the same aqua tuner over and over again until it gets cool enough and you can store it in another reservoir.


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Aquatuner heats up very quickly. Your design will explode in no time from overheating.


Also pretty soon you'll find out that insulated walls aren't so good at cooling steam from 110c to 90c, and you can't get water from a vent without cooling down steam.

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I think it`s much better to pump water to the aquatuner in a loop. Just make a water pool where you pump some of your geyser water, then pump it into a single aquatuner with a shutoff gate only allowing sub 30oC to be pumped to base, the rest goes back to the pool. After a while all the water will be cool enough for your base use as long as you don`t pump too much hot water int the pool.

Also make a second pool wiht polluted water where you put your aquatuner so it won`t overheat. Use insulated pipes for the whole system.

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50 minutes ago, avilmask said:

Aquatuner aquece muito rapidamente. Seu design vai explodir em não tempo de superaquecimento.


Também muito em breve você descobrirá que as paredes isoladas não são tão boas para resfriar o vapor de 110c a 90c, e você não pode tirar água de um respiradouro sem resfriar o vapor.

I agree, but I did not want to raise the temperature in the outside environment

37 minutes ago, Angpaur said:

Quem é o Walter? E por que você quer colá-lo? Ele está triste? O que aconteceu com ele?

Tantas perguntas sem resposta.

Eu gostaria de saber a história de Walter.

LOL, shame on me. but i don`t know change the title on this forum.

thank you for the tips. I will try to create a pool of hot water and send them to the electrolyzer showers and others. anyway the plants will still need water. so I'm still going to need the cooler that spends my precise energy. I wanted to have this in the 50th cycle, because now I'll have a lot to do. anyway do not give up that map yet. I'm too far away for a new game.
I created a proper rule of permadeath so just restarting on a duplicate dies.

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