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  1. Anyone can on almost any android or IOS tablet! This is how I play griftlands 99% of the time! and BTW Griftlands looks and works GREAT on the tablet! How to play: * Download the Steam Link App for Android * Go into steam and "Add a New Non-Steam Game" * Find the griftlands executable in the Epic Games Directory and add it. * Launch Steam Link and connect to your PC * Set the steam link UI to "touchpad mode" * Launch the Griftlands non-steam game from BIG PICTURE. * Enable the touchpad option in the griftlands directory * Enjoy playing griftlands on your phone or tablet from inside OR OUTSIDE your wifi network! This is an awesome way to play griftlands! In fact this is how I have spread the word about the game, since people see me playing it in airports and hotel lobbies, and coffee shops and ask me "That game looks awesome what is it?".
  2. So is the build pretty bug free and are all the art assets in place? Or should I wait until next week to start a new game if my intent is to continue it long term?
  3. The Hardest Season: Winter or Summer?

    You CAN survive winter if you don't prepare, but you really can't survive summer without a season to prepare.
  4. I prefer to fight behind 4 pigs but I don't shy from getting hit, as long as I've got my football helmet and log armor.