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  1. 500C what out? It's a petroleum generator.....
  2. Is there any downside to using 500C petroleum in the generator? Will it overheat the generator faster than 80C, for example?
  3. just asking?

    I'm so addicted to BIO rebirth, it's a problem. And enter the gungeon is on sale right now......
  4. But to the original question? Does the temperature of the incoming petroleum (if the pipes are insulated) really increase the heat of the generator? By How much? I thought it put out +20kDTU/s no matter what temperature the petroleum is going in (as long as the pipes are insulated). Can anyone confirm?
  5. Loading a bottle into an emptier uses the priority of the emptier if that helps...
  6. Can you delete heat by sinking an aqua-tuner in petroleum then using it in generator?
  7. Cooling base with pipes

    It might be better to pump your oxygen through the cold biome inside radiant or granite pipes, then use insulated pipes to bring the cold O2 to yoru base, then vent it directly in. Better yet, you could just produce your oxygen in the cold biome like dis:
  8. I love the toilet sewage being pumped into the gap above the bathroom ceiling. Imagine if a real house did that LOL
  9. So is the build pretty bug free and are all the art assets in place? Or should I wait until next week to start a new game if my intent is to continue it long term?
  10. The Hardest Season: Winter or Summer?

    You CAN survive winter if you don't prepare, but you really can't survive summer without a season to prepare.
  11. I prefer to fight behind 4 pigs but I don't shy from getting hit, as long as I've got my football helmet and log armor.