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  1. i want smooth hatch there is a certain order to feed them to take. normal hatch do not eating metal.
  2. Cooling water for plants

    i will copy it on sandbox
  3. I'm trying to make a cooling system for plants using hot water, so it cools down to below 25 and sometimes it points out cold damage. is a complicated and expensive and time consuming system, it would be easier for me to clean the dirty water, this only for the showers but I do not want the base to get warmer because of this water.
  4. the MKI they have put a lot of new art items and now even lvl 5 artists can not do more masterpieces. before I did not need the fixed artist job, only a dups that had a level above 3. now I do not know how much it would be. I found the idea cool, the only thing I did not like is that if it makes a bad art I have to destroy the whole thing and rebuild it. For the builders for some reason they prioritize the art and it takes a lot of time to build them. summing up what I wanted was an option to start again, and the art would be coined as a broken object, lessening the loss of time. so the artist could do it to a high level. another option would be to make a construction so he could do the art in one place, and if it was good to transfer to the base. tell me if you not understand something.
  5. alguém sabe dizer se existe variação de estatuas caso, sejam feitas com outros materiais ou só existe o pensador. alguem tem um wipedia sobre isso ? um vez vi mas acho que era um mod.
  6. change your widows config.
  7. drecko will not pass

    I still do not know how you're thinking, if you have a print I'll be grateful. (I tested everything I could think of) for me to put a door on the floor line or in the corner will fail at short notice. anyway I can still attract shines with the potted plants and the lamp
  8. drecko will not pass

    actually this need plastic, i need something to hold then until that.
  9. I tested my idea in the sandbox (shame on me). but it is easy to do in normal game just fill with hydrogen and oxygen. now just need to think and how to hold flying bugs.
  10. Storage Compactor

    eu pensava que como a maioria das coisas compactadores não funcionam de baixo da agua. and here I am thinking of building incubators quickly.
  11. Lights Out

    I think the ONI is going the other way, so I remember the hatch was much more aggressive, the slime inside its base could kill all the dupes, and any failure in planting or in food would kill at least one. now it's just basically exploration and creativity to make a cute little foundation. maybe this was good in a difficult game mode.
  12. 2 questions 1 - how long the eggs last inside the compactor because I wanted to keep eggs from shine bug until I could create a farm for them.But they seem to disappear after some time. (I'm pretty sure they were not cooked since I only broke the hatch eggs). 2 - Is there any way I can keep bleach, slime and oxyhelite without the gas coming out of it?
  13. i see they eating food wich no germ and they just eat and go away. sad, klei do not drew a joy react.
  14. I covered the top and I'm making a hole down but it keeps getting wet, I do not know where that dirty water comes from
  15. why this reactions to good things ether ?