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  1. compartilhamento de course. Kley é uma boa companhia. mas é pequeno e não é tão conhecido mundialmente. soi acho que a melhor coisa que você pode fazer é contar a todos os seus amigos jogadores sobre como essa adorável empresa canadense é boa.
  2. i understand you point, i remember to have afraid to go outside slime and make my colony die entirely because i was not fully prepared. but thinking about how ONI works i think is a great game with good design and concept and actually just have a balanced issue if you notice there things that are ridiculous easy and others there are hardly complicated like some plants farming, temperature and electricity management and space exploration are so complicates that are more easy if you go outside of game to figure how to solved. instead do this playing the game. most because some of system that you build on oni just show problems on long therm and if are irreversible problem maybe you will need to start a new colony.
  3. just a guess but, i think you make another entrance beyond dock entrance, so they will use atmo suit until air it over. if is not change clearance because is inverted.
  4. If you is anxious as me and don't want to wait they build to get a place fast. do that design you can see on right. a good digger will get there lass than a cycle. and i think they build fast on empty spaces too.
  5. i just think is a fair change, because i prefer meat instead egg on my colony.
  6. year, i figured myself and I feel so dumb right now. anyway, that is really confusing i never noticed there is a status on screen. and this is a button witch an inverted thing write.
  7. i was thinking about oni developers are too kind, ever a time that I this they will start to develop a DLC the just add a new free update. so to make them have better feedback about what kind of DLC is more profitable maybe the would make one that googles forms questionary. behind that considering, they like to do minor design updates for free it`s better to do something that changes the gameplay. so, for example, a DLC about a space station. so the will lot have any land suppose to need another source to survive. or maybe land on that broke planet. and the will need to dig down to survive. anyway it need to be something that changes gameplay but not everything. so someone should add new ideas?
  8. Or i don`t understand how Vacancy works or is not work properly. just my opinion but i think it will be better if it sends a green signal whew is all full. i tried tt o create a automation using the new conter. but i think they can`t countdown so i don't have ideas.
  9. what do you think ? is not so hard to do. i thought to add a mess room but dinner is more a kind of social event.
  10. this is the basic use for it, so instead use 2 or 3 sweeper you can use it to get food and creature profit. i will try it in space and other extreme places. no, but some plants drop their things and believe me. this bot can be faster then busy duplicants.
  11. i m trying to make sweepy go through the door but it is too fast . so you will need a buffer gate to make a delay but there is no point on this because this will mix gasses. if anywone have ideas share
  12. i hope this can be fix someday. when duplicates have to eat some medicine they don`t do any interaction like as they eating food o doing another think they just get stuck inthis photo position until medicine makes an effect. maybe this can be changed for the action when they eat poison food. the trait Sunny disposition makes duplicant waking on this ALL THE TIME. just looking bug. if is possible to make them walking normally.
  13. Bot update it s a subject there i asked a long time ago so I feel responsible to make feedback. i test it on a sandbox and i notice it can pass through closed-door or ladders. make it a cheapest way to clean places like stables and farms. i guess this is the only use for, if anyone has another idea to it reply. anyway, the is some ideas of me. 1. change name of exosuit forge for THE forge, so sweeps can be made there and deliver to their docks. 2. their dock could work more like a transit tube energy system so basically it will fill up energy and charge the bot that has it won internal battery(maybe something visible on it head) it will power up when energy is almost over instead sleep at night. oh, and if it cant reach the dook need to be delivered again. 3. instead of walking constantly it will look for thing on floor, because it has eyes. make it idle if are not on the floor that is able to get. besides that, it has a cargo limit. that cargo will make it move slow when is full. 4.some interactions. 5. i think i ask to much on that but. also, have theirs on a pipe transit tube. just because i think it is like Rosie of jetsons. the function is to clean the base.