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Can we please, PLEASE have recipe priorities?

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Can we please have away of prioritising individual recipes?

Would be much cleaner, smarter, and less lag intensive to have one machine rather than multiples.


I was thinking something like this might not be too hard ? Obviously this could also be applied to the rock granulator, metal refinery, etc etc


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On 11/23/2018 at 3:17 PM, Sasza22 said:

I`d prefer if there was a checkbox for continous and when clicked the number changes into the priority number. Non-continous would also have priority over continous.

Yes.  This.  Basically the GUI doesnt need to change from how it looked before, other than just add the checkbox to toggle “priority” vs “queue”

Simpler is better.

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Related suggestion thread:

Micromanagement and Queues

As I have already stated in the above thread, I think that the RimWorld crafting interface would be best. It lets you set the priority of individual recipes by just allowing you to change the order of the recipes. In my opinion, this is better than having to set a priority number for every individual recipe.

Also, the RimWorld crafting interface lets you craft until you have a certain amount, and if you ever fall below that amount, you will automatically craft more until you reach the desired amount again.

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I usually build several same buildings, each one continuously makes certain recipe. Then priority for each recipe can be set by prioritizing building.

I personally recognized this kind of method as 'ONI Style', which mostly doesn't allow micromanaging control. (and I think building a system that works well over restriction on micromanaging is key factor of fun in this game)

But I understand people can think this kind of solution is very silly and not so intuitive.

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