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  1. While all bunker doors above the solar panel are connected in single automation wire, the time it starts opening is different upon whether I'm watching on it or not. (same on closing) 1st pic shows some doors have already opened and some are opening and some just start to open. This gradation seems to have happened by my camera moving from left to right when bunker door has received ON signal. 2nd pic is camera position when I found out this bug. The step was : I was managing for the rocket at this camera position > and I found out bunker door is opening > then I moved camera to right side quickly > and I found out this gradation of various opening status of bunker doors. > So I paused and took the screenshot. I attached the save file, but I couldn't find the log file, sorry. But I saw another bunch of people in local ONI community suffering from same situation, so I believe this is easily reproducible. Under the Stars.sav
  2. I use very similar system for sorting gases and for aquatuner, but in my experience, malfunction of that system was always due to the blocked end of pipeline. But I can agree with that this issue is more broadly about automation, not only bunker door.
  3. This happens because [pipe sensor]-[pipe shutoff] setup does not exactly act like pipe filters. They don't properly do their jobs when any end is blocked while filters always work properly but consume more power. Since the element in the pipe is coming alternately in your setup, the pipe sensor keep sending on and off signals. Please keep in mind that shutoff and sensor is 1-tile away in this set up, and sensor sends its signal 1 frame after the element passes the sensor. (Edit: I feel like this is wrong after some observation, It's more like signal sending is instant, but shutoff activation is 1 frame behind) And when you break the pipe, if the target element(in this case PW) happens to be in sensor when pipe broke up, the shutoff opens at next frame and let water pass through which happens to be in entrance of the shutoff. In the next frame, water passes the sensor but shutoff is still open so PW passes the shutoff. In the next frame, PW passes the sensor but shutoff is closed due to signal from previous frame, so nothing passes. These 3 steps are continuously repeated and that's what we see in the pic. About the 'rare' case, which only first pair of element passes and shutoff is permanently closed, I tested myself with your settings and found out when I broke the pipe and pipe is flowing again, element inflow into T junction is redetermined at that time, so in some case certain element goes into pipe in a row, instead of alternately. In that case, if 2 or more non-target element goes into pipe sensor in a row, shutoff is permanently closed. To sum, although I don't know whether the developers have a plan to change this system or not, there are some methods to avoid the problems that you met. You have to make sure that any end of pipe is not blocked. Following pics are my settings on Aquatuners with pipe sensor and shutoff to avoid get damaged, hope you can find some help to get your solution here.
  4. Yes, and this keep damaging dupes operating the forge.
  5. headless duplicant (spooky)

    hahaha, a Regolith man!
  6. Can't store plastic in storage compactors

    To add, even when everything else is correctly set up, auto-sweepers sometimes stops working to deliver from receptacles to proper places. It'll be repaired with save/load from my experiences. The frequency of sweeper-freezing has been significantly reduced since Space Industry Update, but still happens from time to time.
  7. Jet suits and voles sometimes teleporting

    I also have experience of Vole's impossible escaping. and your Jetsuit Dupe... wow I can't imagine how he got there. really want to see the scene.
  8. 'Mastering' a certain job fixes that dupe's morale need to that job's level. If you cannot afford that morale, you can downgrade the job "before" the dupe masters it. Then the morale need will also be downgraded, but bonus traits from that job will also be gone. (While changing the job after mastering wouldn't take out the bonus) I think You can suggest to make this information more visible if you couldn't find elsewhere in the game.
  9. Same thing is happening to me, too.
  10. I experienced something similar. My astronaut had been back from the space mission and appeared in the map, then tried to re-enter the command capsule if any other order was given for him. And that was the last moment that I could see the dupe. He disappeared from the map, disappeared from the "dupe assigning panel" in command capsule, also disappeared from my dupe list. Gone gone gone....
  11. Dupes sometimes have 3 mouths

    Woh, the secret of how dupes eat 3 times more calories than usual in hardest setting has revealed.
  12. Window Tile - Space Scanner + Telescope

    It more and more seems to be a unintended bug. Thank you for your experiment and report.
  13. Window Tile - Space Scanner + Telescope

    Yes, this issue is also really confusing to me. I'm trying to build a meteor automation system, but I want to know the answer for this issue before I build one in order to prevent doing same task twice due to next hot fix.
  14. No room bug

    I'm not sure, but it seems to be too big
  15. Electrolyzer output

    Because all material unit in ONI in mass(kg), not mol. Oxygen is far heavier than hydrogen. Though I also agree that current situation in game seems quite unrealistic in sense of volume of gas.
  16. Wow, how many cycles needed for this to happen? It seems to have happened very instantly though.
  17. Wow, really appreciate quick feedback & fixes!
  18. Gas doesn't stack properly

    I have exactly same issue here. Surprisingly, it doesn't only refuse to be stacked, but also already stacked CO2 'EXPLODES' and ruining everywhere around it. Attached screenshots shows my water tank once filled with around 1.8kg of CO2 per tile, which now has only around 300g per tile and rest of them are floating around all over my base.
  19. I found out unusually hot transit tube crossing tile, I could guess that's because of some item that dupe dropped inside the tube, but there was no way to interact with the item before I deconstruct it. When I clicked the tile before deconstruction, only transit tube crossing and plastic can be selected. Giving sweeping order by dragging that area didn't seem to work neither. So when I break that tile, 2 ton of regolith at 180 C' came out.