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A liquid oxygen build in the early stage til super coolant

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                                                             Hi friends!


In this build we get to keep the natural gas generators temperature at -180C. So we get the polluted ice & CO2 at -180C and cool everything in the system down with that opportunity

After little preparations you just have to connect your natural gas/oxygen/hydrogen pipes to the system. The build uses simple materials. No vacuum is required

The automation controls all aspects of the build:

1) a thermo sensor in the thermo regulators room controls the pump which pumps pWater above 110C out from the room
2) a hydro sensor controls liquid pressure in the room & gives signal to the conveyor loader to send ice if it's necessary
3) a thermo sensor in the condensation room doesn't allow the pump to pump the liquid oxygen out to the the thermo regulators room
4) a clock sensor turns the generators and the thermo regulators off so the auto-sweeper gets to deal with polluted ice accurately
5) a battery controls the nat gas generators
6) a hydro sensor in the condensation room allows pumping the liquid oxygen when it's above 10 kg




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@kolyapedal Would it save energy to precool the natural gas?

For example if you have a valve set at 90g (consumption of a single NGG) and run that through a thermoregulator with a bridge from the output back to the input you'd get a temperature delta of 1000/90*14=155.56K. So you'd just have to make sure you'd store the NGG at -6C or higher and save a lot of cooling on the hydrogen loops. I'm just not sure it'd give a better overall result.

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