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Found 4 results

  1. I was inspired to make this after reading Kasuha's attempt at self-cooling Natural Gas Generators and borrowing from the guide of rezecib I made a thing that's pretty nifty. Here, I made a thermally isolated room except for a one tile vent for polluted water. Two Wheezeworts in a hydrogen atmosphere have a negative temperature delta on upto 5 Natural Gas generators. (They "should" break even on 6) This eventually produces sub-zero polluted water from the Natural Gas Generators which help cool the remaining 9. In turn, they produce more cold polluted water to chill the hydrogen generator bank and the battery bank of 20 charged batteries. There is a atmo switch in the wheezewort room hooked up to a filter that when triggered will divert hydrogen from the hydrogen generators toward the vents in case the wheezeworts eat hydrogen, it should automagically re-pressurize the room. The polluted water from the airscrubbers will be used to temperature stabilize a bank of transformers and batteries warming a 120 peppernut plant farm. But that project isn't done yet. Right now it all just dumps into a basin with the natgas gen water to be pumped into a bank of 32 fertilizer factories. I have a tap for the CO2 in case I want to pipe it around before being sent for scrubbing or a desperate need to setup sterile a location. Ignore the filter on the side, I decided to relocate the filter that's currently setup but that project isn't finished. I am actually quite impressed with how quickly the polluted water takes up heat. I ended up hooking those batteries and the hydrogen generators up before getting the Natgas generators running. But they cooled down very quickly. Going from 40+ to single digits in just a few cycles. The important thing is to keep the Natural Gas generators thermally isolated except for their output. Any heat they receive from the batteries and generators end up in the output water and can lead to an upper trend. But I think with this 2 wheezeworts will effectively cool my entire energy production and distribution. I think that's good value! (I think the output water is in the teens and the wheezeworts haven't gotten the first generators to -20 yet, so theirs substantial room for more cooling.
  2. What is most efficient way to cool down hot biomes? I tried hydrogen radiator, its painfully slow.
  3. I am using a hydrogen spiral radiator to cool a large room. It is a closed loop that is processed by four serial thermo regulators that are situated in a hydrogen filled abyssalite insulated room pressurized from between 1500g, to 2900g containing 5 wheezeworts. The pipes themselves are also abyssalite (and insulated for visual clarity in gas pipe overlay) until reaching the spiral radiator section which is comprised of granite piping. I have a valve on the return to modulate how much hydrogen gets processed per second by the regulators. This is my question: How high can I set the valve to keep the Thermo Regulators temperature neutral. When I first put the room together I kind of just threw stuff at the wall without mathing anything out because I didn't really know the details of wheezeworts or regulators and have been just kind of flying by the seat of my pants with my first colony (I've been very luck and am fortunate enough to break 1200 cycles so far). But I've had to make revisions to the room as I've noticed that the regulators were ever so slowly warming up. Reading some threads and learning some details about the heat conversions from the kind folks on the forum I tried to work out exactly what the capacity of the regulators would be with what was currently in the room. I tried to work out with 1kg of hydrogen per second process of the Wheezeworts giving me 12kw (I saw this number in a thread but wasn't sure how it was worked out until recently) of cooling per wheezewort, resulting in a budget of 60kw, or 15kw of cooling per regulator. Assuming a regulator processing hydrogen a max capacity requires 33.6kw of cooling I figured a flow rate of 445g/s would give me a very very slight cooling trend on the room. This was down from 508.(something) when I started. I feel like the room, though, is cooling faster with 445g/s than it warmed up under ~508g/s which suggests to me that maybe my math is wrong somewhere and I have more of a budget than I realize. If anyone has read this far, I am would love some advice on how I can be more precise with my balance. The room being cooled by the radiator has warmed slightly from the ~60g second shift in coolant. While I have given up on trying to achieve -38c due to rubberbanding temperatures, I'd like to maximize the coldness of the room with the resources currently devoted to it in order to safely handle as large a field as possible. Thank you.
  4. Can someone point me to a place where I can learn why people choose to use hydrogen to pump into pipes or fill rooms? Also how do they cool the hydrogen in the first place? My first ice biome is slowing melting and it's only a matter of time before I have to use artificial cooling. I've tried searching around a bit but can't find any tutorials. Thanks! As layman as possible as I might not understand a short technical sounding answer like because the "because of the thermodynamics of it"...