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Pugalisk Tips ?

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Run armound the fountain- Pugalisk seems to keep it's distance from the fountain meaning that it'll circle it. That way you can get a lot of hits

Get urself cutlass from 2nd island's shop- It's just too good to not have. If you don't let it regenerate hp you'll kill it very quickly

GEt a cane. Easier to dodge ice

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It's fragile segments are 3rd and 4th. Move to 2nd segment and wait till 3rd and 4th come for your blade.

Also you can tank pugalisk when it stops moving to bite you while it exposes 3rd and 4th near its head. In this case it doesn't use freezing beam, only keeps biting.

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1 coffee

2 it wont jump through the fountain meaning it will always go around it and for some reason it can turn around if the fountains in the way so stay near it

3 its freeze gaze? will only stop if you get far enough away from the Pugalisk 

4 git gud scrub

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all your guys comments are helpful
and i had armor - cutlass - cane ( no coffee cause i forgot it was in hamlet )
but when  i did too much damage he just didn't chase me, he just sits and tries to freeze me.
i run around and try to get hits 
but i keep telling myself he regens i must finish him off quickly


not really sad about the world since it was hella buggy

2 rocs spawned in interiors 

and glow flies didn't make the cocoons they just disappeared


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