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Wo Bin, the Ro Bin

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just a character idea i thought of, reposted because somebody was spamming in the last one


health - 150

hunger 150

energy 150

sanity 150

sanity 150


gains sanity from eating seeds, loses sanity from eating eggs

can fly over water (cannot fly off the edge of the map though)

more inventory slots because he's like the Ro Bin mob, maybe about 5 more slots so it's not too powerful

downside is that the 5 extra slots is his mouth so he can't eat with items in those slots


he was born in hamlet and was raised by pigs from the pig city because the pig bandit killed his parents for money eventually he came back to hamlet world to get revenge on the pig bandit for what he has done do you think Wo Bin will avenge his parents it's up to you

thanks for reading my character idea do you think he will be fun to play

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