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Wilt, the Plant


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We have webber and spider befriending for Reign of Giants, and we have Wilbur and monkey befriending for Shipwrecked, I think a fun plant character could be entertaining. 

He'd naturally befriend the plants, and everyone else would be hostile to him. He wouldn't come with too much fancy abilities, being more just a way to live in the rainforest without being murdered by the snap plants (you'd still have to watch out for the vine-tentacles, spider-monkeys, and insect fellows). Perhaps he gets less sanity penalty from rain (he is a plant after all)


just a thought =P i really like the snapteeth plants, and i love the rainforest 

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Seems redundant. As you said, we have webber, and wilbur and also wilba.

1 creature/mob based Character per DLC.

It's really low hanging fruit and doesn't offer anything new to the game. Besides a reskin of webber.

I'd much rather see a new character with a perk as simple as wilsons beard or wolfgangs growth.

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I suppose, i don't really count Wilba. I find her rather dull, all she does is get more resources from an already friendly mob. I was hoping for a mob based character that provided a more interesting playstyle (considering Webber and Wilbur do not work in Hamlet)

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13 minutes ago, QuartzBeam said:

Webber works just fine in Hamlet, now that he has the Shamlet Mask.

no spider friends beyond the ones he can make himself, and it's fairly easy for his poor nest to get mobbed and destroyed =( I'm not talking about being a spider disguised around pigs, i mean i like to play characters that can go out and build a fun base around normally hostile mobs xD i like to play webber and wilbur for just those reasons, i like utilizing their beast friends in my playstyle

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