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Just a quick thought to make Wigfrid more tolerable in Hamlet.

Nettle Roast

2 Nettles

Meat value of at least 1.5.

Takes 40 seconds to cook. Looks like a delicious pot roast, stuffed with green nettles. Restores 20 Health, 37.5 Hunger, and 5 Sanity. Prevents Hay Fever for 720 seconds. Spoils in 6 days.

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Wigfrid definitely needs some other option, besides the gas mask, to fight hay fever. Though with fewer nettles used in the recipe, it might not provide as long of a antihistamine effect. Still would be better than not being able to use nettles at all. For that matter, there could be several crockpot recipes that use different amounts of nettles, while still increase the antihistamine affect more than just eating the nettles themselves.

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Nobody would ever make nettle rolls again if this 2 nettle recipe was available for all characters. My suggestion from the beta was to just have her suck it up and take her medicine! Nettles and seed pods alone are off limits of course, but maybe she could complain when eating or examining nettle rolls. Maybe she could lose sanity and/or gain much less health and hunger from them. Whatever the case, it's not fun having to waste most of that first lush season fighting nightmare creatures and using up most or all of a sewing kit.

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