Caves and bows in Don't Starve -- Brandon's thoughts

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I have played A LOT of Dont Starve and I love every second of it. Even when I die at day 40 and rage quit, I always get back on and think of what I can do or make differently this time.So from playing the game many times I've thought of a few ideas for things they could add in the future. So here are the first two I'm going to post. Don't worry, i'll post more later ;) But right now just read these and tell me what you guys think about them. 1. Bows and arrows --- This would be cool little addition to the game. Since it really only has like 3 different range weapons but they take a lot of materials most of the times, or they use kinda rare pickups. So maybe adding a bow would be a good thing? Also giving it the function of needing arrows will make it so its not the only ranged weapon you would ever need. So if they do make bows and arrows there would be only one tip I would give you. Please make the arrows a seperate build from the bow! Please dont make it like the darts to where you need all this stuff just to make one dart but it also comes with the blowgun thing-er-ma-jig. Keep em' seperate. 2. Caves --- Caves would be a cool addition to the game because they would give a different atmosphere and challenge to the game, maybe even some new materials? Think about it, you can finally have that excuse to put diamonds in the game! :D I'm kidding, but seriously you could add new materials in the form of different ores and gems. Examples would be like amethyst, topaz, iron, diamonds, ruby(since i can never find them in the game now! XP) or even some material you guys make up. This would also give you more possibilites for monsters! Since we all know you guys(and girls) like making unique monsters and creatures! Also commonly you would want the caves to be pitch black. This is a double-play because it adds the sense that duh, its a cave, but it also keeps the newly created characters out of them until they have better equipment and a light source (miner hat, torch, etc.). These caves could be underground, maybe by using something similar to a wormhole where it would take you into a cave that is seperate from the world map. Or you could do what i was thinking and just make it part of the world map and you just kinda walk into it as it gets progressively darker.

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Bows are ok I guess. I would personally favor the effects of the darts, or the practice of catching the boomerang. Although though really the darts aren't all that useful how i use them.What i really want, is the those caves. Make the cave appearance look like a open top view (Like this classic example) except maybe iron it out so its flat like the rest of the world. I would like it if rubies were findable there, i hate waiting for the next wave of hounds for the chance of a fire hound to have the chance of dropping a ruby.But really, I want new Klei made items to find there. I know diamonds might be the cave mining thing to do, but weird and ominous items that can be found would be more interesting then the classics we are used too.Cave monsters are a must, and the fact they drop monster meat and not normal meat would also make starving more possible. Then change the mining hat to a new recipe that isn't finite (Those fireflies don't respawn) and you can now safely explore the caves. You wouldn't be able to mine with a torch in your hands, and the grue would love a easy kill in a dark cave.

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Since they're putting caves in the game, I feel they could have bows and arrows; we already have staves, so something like the staves that doesn't burn down every forest nearby! XD

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