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  1. is also good for this sort of thing, but with less features that are like Photoshop.
  2. Late to the party of uploading pics, but I made this for my L4D2 spray. xD
  3. My account isn't dead... It's just on life support.

    1. CyanBlue


      Tell us when you'll want to be unplugged then...

    2. Silentdarkness1


      I'll prepare the Meat Effigy.

  4. Yep, this is sort-of a "Sub-event" organized by Silent
  5. Today was great fun, guys! Glad I woke up just in time! See you all in a fortnight!
  6. Excellent work Silent, nice to see your new mod posted.
  7. Multiplayer is coming, I hope Klei doesn't screw it up

    1. Snob


      If they do the world will end.

  8. This sounds like great fun, I love TF2! It's unfortunate...
  9. RP Character Name: Ethan Race: Human Looks Like: normal weight, tall, dark haired Backstory: After witnessing many deaths, Ethan decided to take his own, the moment he fell onto the pavement the last thing he remembered was the island in front of him Personality: Relatively calm, Ability: He has boosts in magic and gemology, but his sanity is lowered easily and often blacks out when it is too low. Etc: He has high health and hunger, but low sanity and his sanity is drained easily. He also can summon spirits of people he knew
  10. And maybe a life-sized divining rod with a base, that, when neared, Makes the divining rod louder; I don't know, just an thought.
  11. A plastic eyebone, with a Chester that might function like this product instead of blankets, the Chester could have items to buy separate.(I just looked up the phrase "tummystuffers" for you. I need to rethink my life.) :/
  12. These are pretty funny, sometimes, I find, that things that are bad on purpose are pretty funny
  13. Since they're putting caves in the game, I feel they could have bows and arrows; we already have staves, so something like the staves that doesn't burn down every forest nearby! XD