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  1. Figured I'd come back to see if the chrome lag problem was ever fixed. Any good news?

    1. the truthseeker

      the truthseeker

      I've got good news and bad news: The good news is it's fixed. The bad news is, it was by retiring it :p

      When the game (first) was mostly finished (and caves started,) mods become popular. Chrome just didn't handle it, so they discontinued it around 2013. Everybody played it on Stream or Standalone (non steam PC, Mac, Linux.) Then it was released on PS4 console, then Vita. Then the first add-on "Reign of Giants" was released making the game completely different (but the new game slots have the option to use the RoG game or not, so vanilla games are still possible. Old games saved are permanently non-RoG, sorry.)

      Now the upcoming Multiplayer (yes, the DS game will have MP,) will be in another add-on called Don't Starve Together, since the game is "done" once again (in single player.)

      All of this just didn't work in Chrome.

      So welcome back, and everything you know about DS has changed! Nice to meet you! :D

    2. the truthseeker

      the truthseeker

      Oh, and per the post you responded in, JanH can help you with porting your key over to Steam and/or Standalone if you need it.

      You can activate BOTH Steam AND standalone games (I do) and download them, but the Add-on Reign of Giants costs another $5 and uses its own key. But you'll get DST for free as a current DS owner, RoG or not.

  2. There was the double treeguard + hound attack during a starving winter... that was bad... oh, and the time the sanity update just came in, and I had just planted a spider nest at my base, that was also bad.
  3. Just so anyone knows, I haven't left, just lurked. I cancel most of my posts before making them anyway.



      That's good to hear, glad you didn't leave.

  4. as long as you don't mention ponies, we'll be fine.
  5. Could somebody change the name of the thread, because of 'ect ect ect'
  6. If you could draw wilson trying to leap over a huge fire, and totally failing, that would be great. (just in case, Wilson is the one who fails, not you)
  7. Wetzel (male)The Pretzel Man"Try Wetzel's Pretzels!"Perks- +starts with a pretzel cart next to him. To move it, you push it around, but it goes REALLY slowly. Whenever you want, you can activate it (like a crockpot) and then get a cheesy soft pretzel. Cart also has an umbrella, and functions as an ice box. +Gains sanity from junk food-Gets hurt by touching hot pretzels-Food spoils faster in his inventory because he has salty hands and pockets.Sounds like classic baseball musicWears a red and yellow striped polo shirt, has brown short hair
  8. If you could, draw Wes boxing with Wolfgang, who han't had a meal in a few hours.