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  1. But the thing is you could be rewarded for multiple things and activities instead of just killing monsters, which in turn would indeed make people just want to kill things, I see what you're saying. But you could get exp from making a fire, creating a brand new item, discovering new locations, gathering materials, and also from surviving everyday. Just basic things like that which would sorta motivate you and your character to push on and survive. I just used the monster idea because it was the first thing that came to mind. Thanks for replying!
  2. I've been thinking about this a few times and I think it would be a cool and nifty addition to the already perfect game.Character Levels and leveling -- Something nifty that I've thought of is a character leveling system. It would be nice to get a somewhat more rewarding feeling when you kill a nasty tree bugger or when you successfully defend your home, and possibly your poor defenseless chester, from an incoming hound attack. So what better way to get that F&$% YEAH feeling than leveling up! =DThe variety of what this could do/upgrade on your character could be incredibly fun and addictive, so I wanted to tell a few of my ideas of what leveling up could do for your character.1. Raise your max HP, Starve meter, Sanity, Strength or defense! Doing this could make it easier to survive those harder enemies and bosses that always pester you when you are trying to create your dream.... camp. Or can raise your HP so that when you "accidentally" bite into monster meat, you won't die and than rage quit.. Or is that just me.. IT'S HAPPENED 5 TIMES!!!!1!1! DX2.Leveling could make it so your knowledge for building and improvising increases, making it so you can advance in creating the bigger and better things! Plus it will always give that sense of anticipation when you're so close to finally learning how to build that dark sword you've always wanted!Another thing that can be added to the leveling aspect could be skills. (and possibly skill points?!) Skills could be included in the leveling system and give you an extra OOMPH to your chances of survival by giving you a few helpful boosts that could end up saving your life!Some of the ideas i've been having would be like: "Become able to wear nightmare equipment without going insane" (or reduces the sanity lost)"Become able to eat any type of food, rotten or not." (that may conflict with the robot guy though)"Recieve more HP and become more full when you eat food" *These are just some survival skills. If they really wanted to add some action skills I would be fine with that. :)These features could be included in the adventure mode game type that I don't think really has anything that makes it stand out, does it? Or you could add it to every mode, your choice! (obviously)You could also make an entirely new mode for all I care! Would be a cool addition!You could also have different "skill trees" for each character so that some skills wont clash with the skill they already come with (noted above).Sooooo yeah, I thought these were a couple good ideas that I have thought of and would love to see in a future update maybe! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please feel free to comment on these ideas, for I read every comment no matter the amount! Also check out my previous post: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?10424-Caves-and-bows-in-Don-t-Starve-Brandon-s-thoughtsSee ya guys later!
  3. I have played A LOT of Dont Starve and I love every second of it. Even when I die at day 40 and rage quit, I always get back on and think of what I can do or make differently this time.So from playing the game many times I've thought of a few ideas for things they could add in the future. So here are the first two I'm going to post. Don't worry, i'll post more later But right now just read these and tell me what you guys think about them. 1. Bows and arrows --- This would be cool little addition to the game. Since it really only has like 3 different range weapons but they take a lot of materials most of the times, or they use kinda rare pickups. So maybe adding a bow would be a good thing? Also giving it the function of needing arrows will make it so its not the only ranged weapon you would ever need. So if they do make bows and arrows there would be only one tip I would give you. Please make the arrows a seperate build from the bow! Please dont make it like the darts to where you need all this stuff just to make one dart but it also comes with the blowgun thing-er-ma-jig. Keep em' seperate. 2. Caves --- Caves would be a cool addition to the game because they would give a different atmosphere and challenge to the game, maybe even some new materials? Think about it, you can finally have that excuse to put diamonds in the game! I'm kidding, but seriously you could add new materials in the form of different ores and gems. Examples would be like amethyst, topaz, iron, diamonds, ruby(since i can never find them in the game now! XP) or even some material you guys make up. This would also give you more possibilites for monsters! Since we all know you guys(and girls) like making unique monsters and creatures! Also commonly you would want the caves to be pitch black. This is a double-play because it adds the sense that duh, its a cave, but it also keeps the newly created characters out of them until they have better equipment and a light source (miner hat, torch, etc.). These caves could be underground, maybe by using something similar to a wormhole where it would take you into a cave that is seperate from the world map. Or you could do what i was thinking and just make it part of the world map and you just kinda walk into it as it gets progressively darker.