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The best weapon ?

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You didn't say hamlet only so:

For characters with an attack up perk (wolfgang and wigfrid) it's better to use weapons with natural high damage such as the dark sword, cutlass supreme and hambat. For characters with an attack down downside (Wendy and Wes.)the obsidian spear is the obsidian spear is the best.

Explanation for the obsidian spear: 

The more you use it, the more heated up it become and the more damage you will do. This damage bonus cannot be modified in any way whatsoever by a character damage modifier. Meaning that this benefit characters with attack down more than characters with attack up.

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12 hours ago, Philsam said:

What weapon do you think is the most powerful, that includes the magic category and Hamlet items 
and excludes the bell.

Personally in Hamlet, I like to use Blow Darts. There are a couple of reasons for this, for starters, they are readily available and do 100 damage per. They are also ranged meaning I am less likely to be hit (yes I could kite but this is easier). They also combo well with a pig guards, use guards to initially draw the aggro of whatever you are fighting, then shoot them while they attack the guard/guards. I mainly use this tactic against bosses.

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I think the best weapon created in all of Don't starve is Cutlass Supreme by a long shot.

68 damage, 150 uses. It beats the uses of dark sword, it beat the thulucite club in damage (tentacle is inconsistant) and it has no drawback to it and is easy to acquire in SW and renewable in Hamlet.

Best weapon utility wise is probably the ice staff because it merge cheapness with usability. It can do bonus damage against fire and has special effects against certain monsters (Fire larvae). Pan flute would be close second but is not 1st because of how rare it is and the lag to use it.

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14 hours ago, TheUnforgivingBR said:

Ne t'inquiète pas Philsam, nous te comprenons. En fait, je trouve ça drôle, parce que l'anglais n'est pas ma langue maternelle aussi (je suis brésilien). C'est la vie! 


J'aime la combinaison Pan Flute + Cutlass Supreme / Ham Bat :) 

Thank you, I'm french :D The combination is really powerwul, I like 

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