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  1. Thank you so much! Does some of the Quality of Life changes will be Shipwrecked-only? Like floating-Lightning Rods?
  2. It's here!!!!!!!! At least some update. (8mb)
  3. Awesome Butterfly Swarm Biome - Broken?

    It's a setpiece, just like Mushroom Island.
  4. How does Lucky Hat work exactly?

    It can spawn anywhere, just like X Marks The Spot. A little bit of Fog of War will disappear around it, so you can't miss it. Most of the time it will appear near you! Yes, you need to use it constantly; you can even give it to pigs and monkeys, there's a 66% chance that they will find something
  5. My Hamlet-compatible world in SW don't have anymore birds after the first year. It's a bug older than the new DLC, so maybe they'll fix in the next updates?
  6. •Pugalisk fountain

    You still have to defeat a boss to earn that.
  7. Replanting Tall Grass.

    You need one specific turf. Don't remember the name, it's the same one where you can find tons of tall grass. The yellow one xD
  8. Dark Magic Shop

    Maybe a Travelling Cart, like the one in Stardew Valley? He could appear maybe every 20 days
  9. [Game Update] - 295272

    Is that the reason I keep finding things in a certain position? I see a pinecone seed and when I try to get, there's a looooooot of them in one place!
  10. The best weapon ?

    Don't worry Philsam, we understand you. I actually find it funny, because english is not my first language too (I'm brazilian). C'est la vie! I like the combination of Pan Flute + Cutlass Supreme/Ham Bat
  11. Pan Flute in Hamlet

    They are only hard to get in RoG. In SW you can always find it fishing with the Trawl Net; in Hamlet you can buy Mandrakes in ‘The Sty’ Oddities Emporium, in the second island.
  12. The best weapon ?

    Cutlass Supreme. Powerful and renewable, even in Hamlet.
  13. Same thing here. And two Cork Barrels with 4 stacks of 40 Oincs each inside my house can't be opened or hammered.
  14. Stalking Stick or Walking Cane

    I've just tested it, Sewing Kit repairs it by 100% (one use). @Zinglon - What about Masked Pigs? You can find sewing kits in his treasure? But I didn't find a easy way to kill it =\
  15. Stalking Stick or Walking Cane

    Too bad is very hard to get Sewing Kit in Hamelt. Or it does not work with the Stalking Stick?!