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  1. Something I noticed about Wormwood

    I am Wormwood!
  2. After using Doydoys Feathers in the Volcano Altar of Snackrifice, the games crash in a few seconds. When I reopen the game, I'm near the Volcano but the sacrifice was in vain since the eruption warnings still occur. It's a SW compatible with HAM
  3. [Game Update] - 305080

    Good update, new content is always good. Apparently this update broke the mini-signs... now some itens don't appear after I've drawn them, like Volcano Staff (I'm on SW compatible-HAM world), Twigs, Vines. Just a heads up
  4. did the peagawks disappear?

    Probably they got kill by other mobs, especially Pogs or Rabid Bettles (maybe, but not that early in the game).
  5. Slanty shanty burned down

    I had the same problem. No response yet.
  6. mods poll

    Thank you so much! This is true integration.I'll never understand why this isn't the default settings.
  7. mods poll

    Which ones would be these!? I'd love it.
  8. Do Piko respawn?

    I'm on my fifth save file in Hamlet and in every single world they disappeared, even without chopping its trees. :\
  9. Slanty Shanty Bug?

    The ROC landed near my Slanty Shanty and it got destroyed. Fine, the WIKI says a Pig Workey will rebuild it and my items will not be lost. After this happened, the Slanty is locked and I couldn't enter. I figure I needed the "Deed of Home Ownership" but it was inside the house and I couldn't buy a new one.
  10. [Game Update] - 300612

    I think anything explosive. It's simple, just buy a Coconade. Thanks for the patch!
  11. QOL update report

    Too bad. At least we will start 2019 with the right foot. I hope the team members are fine now. (the only problem about the delay is that I'm dying out of curiosity to know what are the changes coming from DST to DS ) Edit: one question only. Are there gonna be some small bug patches until Jan 9th? The Aporkalypse Calendar not moving is a big problem. :\
  12. Aporkalypse calendar no longer moves?

    Same problem here, but maybe here's a solution for now: Save the game in the calendar room and relog. Now you'll be able to move the the 2 smaller pieces, at least...
  13. Exactly. That's why we can use the Magnifying Glass to check it. It will say if it's a dead end or a door to another room.
  14. Have you ever played ONI? It could be very appealing to children.
  15. No cloth = YOU ARE SCREWED

    It's not really a big problem; I'm playing now and don't even bother to use Gas Mask. It will drain you sanity just like Hay Fever... the itens dropping don't bother me.