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  1. Gotcha, I’ll do that when I can. I lost the save it happened to me in a while ago but I will see if I can recreate it.
  2. I wasn’t in Godmode, I was just playing regularly, although I did go out of my way to try and get the Roc to eat me.
  3. They only sleep when their desks have been broken by a bug, until that happens you won’t be able to steal from them.
  4. I know this issue has been reported numerous times, but I wanted to give an in-depth breakdown of this glitch. I have done some testing and I have discovered the exact cause. The Egg Upon receiving the Ro Bin egg, the player is able to hatch it in or out of their inventory. This feature is what causes the bug. If the player chooses to hatch the egg in their inventory the following bug occurs: A Ro Bin will hatch from the egg, however the egg will remain in the player’s inventory. This egg will then EVENTUALLY hatch another Ro Bin (It should be noted that if the egg is dropped onto the ground AFTER the Ro Bin has hatched then the egg will disappear). This is just one of the various methods to get multiple Ro Bins. If you set the egg on something like a shelf, overtime the egg will gradually begin to hatch until it eventually reaches a point where it can hatch. As described above, the egg is not consumed when the Ro Bin hatches, because of this, the egg will continue to hatch spawning more and more Ro Bins until the player eventually decides to remove the egg from the shelf and place it on the ground. The last method combines both of the previous methods, keep the egg in your inventory until it hatches into a Ro Bin, then place the now “hatched” egg into Ro Bin (not entirely sure if this is necessary), then into/onto a container such as a shelf, it will start producing Ro Bins almost immediately. Essentially The Rock egg is not being properly “consumed” from the player’s inventory /a inventory causing the glitch to occur.
  5. This should go in the Feedback and suggestions section not the bug report section.
  6. This is a bug I have encountered numerous times while trying to get the ROC to eat me. Unfortunately there is no way to get out of this bug legitimately (you can’t Alt - F4 because you saved and reload, but you can use console). And it occurs with any character if you run underneath the ROC’s head when it spawns initially.
  7. If you need sanity that bad hire a pig guard, corner it, then stand by it. It gives you a massive sanity buff (About 1 sanity per second) with no penalty.
  8. Does this mean the ROC is going to spawn more frequently or is it simply a fix to a bug where the Roc didn’t spawn? If the Roc is going to spawn more frequently, how often will it spawn?
  9. I believe the pig in question in this video exited the building and in fact did not “disappear”.
  10. Yeah this happens with anything, we can change settings but it just crashes the game lol
  11. There is a bug I have encountered quite a few times with the ROC. To put it simply, the player gets frozen underneath the rock in a kneeling position. Both the player and the rock just sit there and you can still comment on things so the game itself isn’t frozen. Upon being frozen in a kneeling posistion you receive a MASSIVE sanity drain, unable to do anything about it you simply have to sit there in that posistion loosing sanity until a nightmare comes and kills you.
  12. There is an easily a usable exploit (which you probably already know about) that I would like to inform you of. There are two versions of this exploit, one is what I like to call the “Easy way” and the other is called the “Very Easy Way”. For starters, let me give a breakdown of how this bug occurs. In shops, there is a high chance that the desk the shop keepers stand at will break (I have not narrowed down the cause of this yet). This will cause the shop keepers to act like ordinary pigs and shop keepers at the same time. They will run off to the side of their shop, and sleep when night comes. Now let’s talk about the exploits. The first is the “Easy Way”: This is an exploit that lets you steal numerous items in one night. When the shop keeper falls asleep, you are able to steal things, after taking as many items as you want, take an item attempt to “give” it to the shop keeper, (Such as a log). This will then wake up said shop keeper and they will restock the cases and you can continue to steal. This is nowhere near as bad as the “Very Easy Way”. The “Very Easy Way”: This exploit is a nasty one that can be heavily abused as soon as Day 2. Like the “Easy Way”, the “Very Easy Way” also uses shopkeepers. Here is what the exploit allows you to do, you are able to infinitely steal items throughout dusk and the night. The shop keeper will be awake however you will still have the option to steal items off the shelves, meaning that you can constantly steal items while the shop keeper constantly restocks them. You do NOT have to continuously wake the shop keeper up meaning you are able to steal much more items (I stole about 160 Tenpiece oincs in one night, this also summoned about 30 Krampuses at the same time). Here’s how to actually achieve this glitch, enter the shop at day or dusk, wait until the pig falls asleep at night, exit the shop. Then enter the shop at dusk the following day and steal something before the pig wakes back up (You have quite a bit of time to do this). This will achieve the exploit I described above. (PLEASE NOTE: I have done this numerous times on multiple saves, I have an image of me standing in about 400 Security Contracts if you need proof of any sort.)