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Stalking Stick or Walking Cane

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If you have a lot of Stalking Stick, this items, in my opinion,this is better than Walking Cane. Walking Cane has infinite durability, but the Stalking Stick is easier to produce and requires only one material. The sticks has an acceleration of 30%, while the walking cane has an acceleration of 25%.

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Just now, TheUnforgivingBR said:

Too bad is very hard to get Sewing Kit in Hamelt. Or it does not work with the Stalking Stick?!

Even if it did I probably wouldn't waste silk on it, they're stupidly easy to get. If I want to take no damage i'll just hire 2 pig guards to kill a couple.

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In the early game the stalking stick win by a large margin simply because it's a better cane you can obtain extremely early on.

At end game (Meaning a megabase world with all three worlds linked up) I consider both to be equal. One is a little bit faster but need maintenance of sort while the other doesn't have that extra speed but is infinite. In the end it's just a matter of preference on which one of the two look the best.


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