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Need Auto-Harvesters

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Hey Devs and fellow gamers,

I feel that harvesting a plant takes up lots of time. This is especially true in a base with a large number of dupes (more dupes = more food needed = more plants = more time to harvest totally).

Why not have a harvester building that's like the autosweeper that auto harvests the plant?

Will save time quite a lot and this can be used to build stuff etc.

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Alternatively, you could ignore the plants for 4 days beyond the harvest time, and it will auto-harvest itself. This is a key point for purely automated farms, because all they require is the extra 4 days worth of resources and irrigation to drop the harvest.

Is it worth the purely automated setup for the cost of that extra 4 days of non-production? Up to you. I don't think an auto-harvesting machine is needed with the current system.

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