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New (stupid?) idea :D [even for modders if you can do it]

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My English is bad, so I don't know what to call it but gene branch, so sorry...


So, as the technology of our asteroid is rising and we're lack of some new plants like wheezewort and some new critters(?), introducing the gene branch idea!


Technically it add:

-New Job!!!
 +Plant gene branch scientist (tentured scientist + seasoned farmer) -> operate plant gene branch stations
 +Critter gene branch scientist (tentured scientist + seasoned rancher) -> operate critter gene branch stations
-New building:
 +Plant gene branch research station
 +Critter gene branch research station
 +Plant gene changing station (work with seeds of course)
 +Critter gene changing station (work with eggs!!!)
-Gene changing will make the plant/critter change into a new plant/critter with new uses which is for dev or modder to decide
 +Critter that changed gene will of course make better effort (example idea with puft: changed gene puft will encourage other buff but also make a good metabolism like normal or even better and will return to normal gene at 1% chance)

-Some pictures for easy figure:




Thank you for reading.

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