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Found 7 results

  1. So i decided to create templates of all objects available at the moment. I am getting them via the strings or via looking into the Assembly-CSharp.dll. I also wanted to share them because this maybe saves someone some time in future. These files need to be moved into your template-folder. The folder can be found here: ...\Your-Steam-folder\steamapps\common\OxygenNotIncluded\OxygenNotIncluded_Data\StreamingAssets\templates\ If you want to remove the templates, just delete them from the folder and restart/reload your game/savegame. It works like a little construction-kit for ONI in the debug-mode. All objects are in vacuum, only the plants are their needed atmosphere. The temps are always 243K, 293K or 313K. The pressure is always 1KG for gases and 1000KG for liquids. All plants are rdy to harvest. All food is 100% fresh. I divided them into groups and gave each group an indicator so u can see in debug mode which "class" this template belongs to. The indicators are in the brackets behind each group. Last updated: [Game Update] - 234935 (29th-Sep-2017) ----- Download all at once: Debug Templates.rar Animals (ani) (ani_1xPuft).yaml (ani_1xShockWorm).yaml (ani-1xHatch).yaml (ani-1xMorb).yaml (ani-1xPacuEgg-Water).yaml (ani-1xPacu-Water).yaml (ani-1xShineBug).yaml (ani-1xSlickster).yaml Clothes (cloth) (cloth-AtmoSuit).yaml (cloth-CoolVest).yaml (cloth-SnazzySuit).yaml (cloth-WarmSweater).yaml Food (food) (food-Barbeque).yaml (food-BristleBerry).yaml (food-FriedMushroom).yaml (food-FrostBun).yaml (food-GristleBerry).yaml (food-LiceLoaf).yaml (food-MealLice).yaml (food-Meat).yaml (food-Muckroot).yaml (food-Mushbar).yaml (food-MushFry).yaml (food-Mushroom).yaml (food-PepperBread).yaml (food-PickledMeal).yaml (food-PinchaPeppernut).yaml (food-SleetWheatGrain).yaml (food-StuffedBerry).yaml Geysers (geyser) (geyser-OpenChlorine).yaml (geyser-OpenNaturalGas).yaml (geyser-OpenOilReservior).yaml (geyser-OpenSteam).yaml Harvest (harv) (harv-BalmLilyFlower).yaml (harv-RedFiber).yaml Medicine (med) (med-Placebo).yaml (med-Vitaminchew).yaml Miscellaneous (misc) [ The security doors tell from their name from which side u have to build a foundation/ground to open it ] (misc-Clock).yaml (misc-Desk).yaml (misc-Door).yaml (misc-Door-horizontal).yaml (misc-GeneShuffler).yaml (misc-Ladder).yaml (misc-Light).yaml (misc-Locker).yaml (misc-SecDoor-horizontal-bot).yaml (misc-SecDoor-horizontal-top).yaml (misc-SecDoor-left).yaml (misc-SecDoor-right).yaml (misc-Skeleton).yaml (misc-Table).yaml (misc-TheVoid).yaml (misc-Tile).yaml (misc-VendingMachine).yaml Plants (plant) (plant-WildBalmLily).yaml (plant-WildBluffBriar).yaml (plant-WildBristleBlossom).yaml (plant-WildDuskCap).yaml (plant-WildMealWood).yaml (plant-WildMuck).yaml (plant-WildPinchaPepper).yaml (plant-WildSleetWheat).yaml (plant-WildThimbleReed).yaml (plant-WildWheezeWort).yaml Seeds (seed) (seed-BalmLily).yaml (seed-BluffBriar).yaml (seed-BristleBlossom).yaml (seed-DuskCap).yaml (seed-MealWood).yaml (seed-PinchaPepper).yaml (seed-SleetWheat).yaml (seed-ThimbleReed).yaml (seed-WheezeWort).yaml
  2. So, as it stands right now, the only way to get Wheezewort is to find it, same for Blair plants. I was wondering if I'm right about this, or is there a way to cultivate the seed that I don't know about. Also, has anyone noticed that the Ice biome is harder to find in the oil test server, or have my colonies just been in odd spots?
  3. I'd like to see a sprinkler system to water Algae and other plants, but it can also get the floor wet.
  4. As of the Outbreak Upgrade, there are a number of problems caused by the new agriculture system with regards to the balancing of food, effectively establishing a "mealwood meta", in which players are pressured to and rewarded for growing mealwood, and only mealwood, for the entire game. This is undesirable in a game like ONI, because it means that an entire aspect of the game - agriculture and food - requires almost no player choice or any sort of "management". Let's look at why this is, and how it can be fixed. Reasons for the Mealwood Meta: (un)reliance on water: In ONI, water is a valuable and useful resource. While the amount of it is unlimited, The rate at which it enters the world is. Technically, a colony can increase its net gain of water through the steam purification of PW from NatGas gens, but this is a very expensive, extremely late-game method of supplementing one's supply of water. Currently, Mealwood is the only food source that requires no water to grow, barring Dusk Caps. Because of the value of water, it is a beneficial economic decision for the player to always take mealwood and mushrooms over wheat or berries. Food quality expectations are irrelevant: Because of the way stress is handled in ONI, virtually all stress change in ordinary gameplay occurs because of decor expectations. Like food, stress management has become a binary decision: "Do I have enough decor to satisfy stress levels? If not, build more". Because of this, food expectations mean almost nothing in terms of affecting duplicant stress. This means that there is no practical reason to move from meal lice to another form of food with higher quality (Dusk Caps for example). Resource requirements for other foods are too high: Simply put, there is no reason a player would want to grow sleet wheat when mealwood exists. Wheat and berries require an obscene amount of water to grow for their outputs. Wheat especially has a rather illogical requirement; it needs liquid water irrigation despite also requiring a sub-zero growing environment. Fertilization requirements for non-mealwood plants are also oddly specific and differ greatly from one another. Mushrooms require slime (creates a rather interesting management decision - how are you going to handle disease if you choose to grow mushrooms?) and peppers require phosphorite (this gives a use for the mineral, which is good). The problem is that only wheat requires "fertilizer" as fertilizer, and because wheat is a poor economic choice to grow, this makes fertilizer nearly useless. For a material so seemingly important to agriculture, it really has no uses in ONI. Proposed Solutions: Replace the water requirement of Sleet Wheat with a polluted water requirement, and increase the yield from 25 to 50. As a counterbalance, tighten the temperature range necessary for growth. This change would make Sleet Wheat a viable endgame option for both low and high quality food, but requiring advanced temperature infrastructure to make sure the plants are properly growing. By replacing the water requirement with PW, we make it possible to chill the water to an ideal temperature for irrigation without freezing it (as PW has a lower freezing temperature). It will also give players another option for reducing the quantity of PW in their world without spamming fertilizer makers. Berries should have their water requirements halved, with a counterbalance of required fertilization (using basic fertilizer). This will increase the utility of fertilizer and increase the ability to feed larger populations using irrigated berries (since the g/s of water needed is less) Increase the severity of stress gain from eating low-quality food, and have this effect scale with expectation (for example, a dupe with 0 quality expectation eating meal lice will gain significantly more stress than one eating a frost bun). To counterbalance this, foods that meet or exceed expectation will significantly impact stress change as well, also scaling with quality (finally, stuffed berries might be useful!). The main drawback of growing mealwood, as of OU, is that it takes up a lot of space (~4 plants to feed one dupe) and has a low food quality. Only the quality really matters, though, as any player can just expand their farm after obtaining wheezeworts (to cool surrounding biomes into growth range). What do you think of my proposed solutions?
  5. Okay, hello and good day! This is the ASK BOX for an upcoming adventure that I am hoping to start up, called Mary's Realm. The concept behind it is two threads - One with the on-going story as chosen by YOU, the forum poster, and the other with all of the commands for the story. The process is simple: I will post part of my writing. It'll be about the situation at hand, and then there will be a little sign at the bottom: > At which point, you get to choose what happens by posting a comment below with your command in there. So, I'll do a quick example: ----------------------------- You awaken on an unknown island. There's a rabbit here, and some sticks. What do you do? > ----------------------------- Your comment should be something like this: > Picks up the sticks If you're interested and such, leave a comment below about it! Some rules and other things: ~ I will try to answer as many comments as I can in one post, but don't be upset if your one wasn't chosen. ~ Try to keep the comments in the main thread to a minimum, so people can read the ongoing story. ~ This is based off of many text-based games, so silly/impossible commands may be acknowledged but simply go to a default phrase like "You don't know how to ____!" And now, for the opening post! ------------------------------------------------------------------- It's dark. You've been lying down for such a long time. Everything hurts, as if someone set you alight and left you to burn fiercely for a few hours. You cannot see. You cannot move. All you can do is listen to the sound of slow, deliberate footsteps crunching through dry grass towards you. You feel an icy coldness coming from your side as the being approaches, getting close to you. A smooth, calm, feminine voice reaches your ear. " don't look all that good. Maybe you better find somewhere to sleep before night comes!" You sink back into the darkness as her laughter, soft and musical like a silver bell, fades away. ~ When you do awaken, you're lying face-first on some discoloured, dry grass. Your mind seems to pitch and reel at every noise, so you decide to run through the basics. Your name is Wilson. You are the greatest gentleman Scientist this world has ever seen. You have woken up in the middle of nowhere, in a land you don't recognise, a series of islands surrounded by water. There are trees here, some small, dried-out shrubs with no leaves but many twigs, a few Rabbit Holes, two Berry Bushes and a small pile of Flint Rock near you right now. Shelter. Food. Survival. What do you do? >
  6. On one of McMatthews threads on the "Plauge Doctor" someone went into plants an herbs and if eaten would have differnt effects.
  7. UPDATED BY COREY: Over the past few months, we've quietly added in some new people onto our team who said Don't Starve multiplayer can be a thing; after a couple of months and an office-wide session of multiplayer Don't Starve, we were convinced that it was worth exploring and bringing it to our community. Learn more about it in our official announcement! ORIGINAL POST BY KEVIN: There has been a lot of talk about adding a multiplayer or co-op mode. I’d like to give our official response to this suggestion, and clear up any confusion that people might have. As you can see from the game’s roadmap, our vision for the game does not include network play. We have promised our players an awesome single player experience, and we are devoting all of our time and resources towards fulfilling this promise. We are even committing to six months of continued support after launch, so that we can make the game even better. Don’t Starve was designed and implemented as a single-player game. At the code level, you have to do things a lot differently if you want to play over a network. If we were to implement multiplayer now, we would have to re-architect all of this code, which would have unavoidable spill-over effects for the single player experience. This would make it harder for us to fulfil the promises that we’ve made, and compromise the overall quality of the game. This is an amazing community, and we really value your feedback, as you can see from our constant updates and hotfixes. We have discussed and debated multiplayer A LOT within the studio. In the end, we have concluded that we can make a better game, and better support the community, if it remains single player. This is why we are not planning on adding multiplayer or co-op to Don’t Starve. Now let’s get on with making the best single player game we can make!