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THREE-IN-ONE THREAD: A New Start, Ode to Honey, and A Challenge (Pictures Included!)

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*Quick voice* Okay, let me say this nice, quick, and easy. Most Dearest [MENTION=9385]fear_town[/MENTION], this is not another "Honey is amazing, discuss," thread. (http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?10191-Why-do-people-feel-the-need-to-start-new-threads-to-topics-on-the-front-page-already) *End quick voice*

Let's start with "A New Start" first, shall we?

A New Start

Day 112 was the beginning of a new beginning in my world. I was pondering about life in Don't Starve. I decided to take the 12 steps to stop addiction, to honey of course. I mustered up all my mental strength, pulled out my hammer, and smashed all 6 of my beeboxes to bits. What I did next will be described in the, "A Challenge!" part of this thread.

Neeeext up! "Ode to Honey"!

Ode To Honey

I did not like the final harvest,


Because you have gotten me the farthest.

I could not have made it this far if it wasn't for you.

Without you, what on Earth would I do!?

I shall treasure the final 36 pieces of your honey.

Whenever I think of you, the sky always turns sunny.

I sing that every night before I go to sleep in my straw roll ;')

And the final part of this thread: "A Challenge!"

A Challenge!

This is just like other challenges posted on the forums, including a specific set of rules that you have to follow or else you fail the challenge!

After I had completely wrecked my beeboxes, I made up a challenge that would stop me from creating another addiction to another food source in the game, thus making me turtle even more. Here are those rules (It's pretty short):

1) No honey (obviously)

2) No byproducts of honey

3) You may only eat foods made from the crock pot

4) You may only eat in the Evening (Orange part on the clock) and in the Early Morning (2 bars after night is over. No lunch, midnight cravings, or daytime snacks.


That's all I've got to say! I just thought I'd whip up a quick topic for some of you people to read before I go to bed.

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