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  1. I have literally only ever been to your page to post a review. I'm not entirely sure what your obsession with your public profile is, but seriously, get off my nuts. And have a nice day.

  2. Sorry for being an ******* :)

  3. Lighten up Qdep :) Time to set up a pic or something no? Pull up a chair.. Stay a while..

  4. I am still hoping for Cookie Monster and the Walrus pop and son.. Who can not but smile when they say Cookie Monster?
  5. I sent you my Krampus farming map Silvi.. It's sadly outdated and not an adventure mode one.. just farm two on there and cheat the others.. ;)You'll feel better about it afterward.. I promise..
  6. I have no idea what you guys are talking about.. Last thing I remember was driving home.. Now my cars all wonky and up a tree.. Now all I want to know.. Who was driving my car? And who do I bill?
  7. I carry a krampus sack with me through so it's actually ten extra spaces.. be very jealous.. yes.. because I have two krampus sacks..Legit ones too.. I only killed krampus dozens of times too.. lucky I am.. I'm sorry I wasn't around.. I actually slept through the darkness.. Strange as it is..DERAIL!
  8. I've never watched that.. Imagine that.. Don't Starve making me want to watch a TV show..Sadly I can never get the image of Buscemi as the poet in Big Fish out of my head when I see him anywhere..
  9. That pig needs a top hat.. And I'd love for us all to just get along.. I'm trying to be a mature *** adult about this ****. Water under the bridge if you try not to enrage me anymore.. Offers on the table.. Must go hunt down Spider Queen King Pig Spidgers.. Ewww.. Now do they look like spidery pigs or piggy spiders?
  10. Or extremely late? I kinda hope they don't bother to fix this.. But I doubt that will be the case..off topic.. Silvi is here! Time to party..
  11. Just an FYI.. When you @names.. They can see it.. And ouchies not nice.. Please refer to "what you do on the weekends" quote to know how I feel what you think..Spider queen babz are bad.. I dislike them.. So glad they fixed infinite spider spawning..Also despite being unique.. It is.. semi-pointless.. I can't shake the feeling that you're just trying to troll me..
  12. Uhh berries.. Pigs.. Laxative.. no?