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I am very sad with this new update, it is so difficult to have rockets ... I have no idea how to Condense* the hydrogen in liquid, just as I do not know how to do the same with the oxygen, not to mention the pipes breaking what it's a nightmare, and if I reduce the flow on the exit they get hotter than they should until they cool the room, that's giving me nightmares, not to mention the damn meteors, this late game is a nightmare T_T
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I think you mean 'condense' the gas to liquid.. and there are several old builds on the forum that will probably work great, especially with the new materials such as super coolant.  You'll want to use the best insulators you can (or isolate with a vacuum) to prevent outside heat from leaking in, and you'll want to keep the distance you pipe the liquids as short as possible.

Also, you will want to do hydrogen separate from oxygen, since hydrogen liquifies at a temperature that will solidify oxygen.

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21 hours ago, KittenIsAGeek said:

I think you mean 'condense' the gas to liquid..

Hell yeah. my mistake


I have no idea how to do it, the maximum I did was a schematic in the debug mode, but even so I transform the oxygen into loose gas it in a vacuumed place, and when it arrives in the room it turns gas with 0 degrees, the even if it happens with hydrogen, I used the 10% pressure scheme of the tube so it does not break and before leaving they are close to absolute zero, but when they leave they leave at 0 degrees and begin to disperse in the room and return to cool little by little again, if at least that worked, but the same schema I created for testing is not sustainable, so I kind of stuck at that point

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it's much easier to make oxylite from the refinery than to condense oxygen into LOX

as for the hydrogen you will need to make some super coolant first from the molecular furnace and that will require some Fullerene that you find from rocket missions

once you make some super coolant loop it though some aquatuners to bring the temp down low enough to condense hydrogen 

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I think they will probably fix the low throughput ''hyper-cooling''(sorry I don't know how to call this low throughput mechanic exactly where you let the hydrogen cool beyond condensation point without pipe breaking)

Having said that, condensing h2 without ''bug'' you will need the new super coolant.

Let it run through the aquatuner in a loop. Build a radiator room with radiant pipes radiator where you pump in the hydrogen and let it condense.

A few tips.

1. Use insulated pipes running through insulated tiles between the Aquatuner and the radiator room if you don't have the best insulator available. 

2. Double wall the radiator room with insulated tiles 

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:) this is nice. When i am at home i will make a print screen whit my polluted oxygen converted to oxylite setup. Its overkilled but it works fine. 

My advice. Use the game mechanics and when it came to rockets go as research tell you to do: 

1 first steam rocker (2 planets.. or one if you have an old save)

2 for the 2 planet you use boosters or jump to petroleum rockets.

Whit only one liquid fuel tank  and a oxidizer tank you will go until 30000 km planets (560 kg for 20000 km and 840 kg for 30000 km). Then modify the rocket and add 2 more liquid fuel tank...to go further

After you have 2700 kg of oxidizer and 3 liquid fuel tank, you can add boosters or switch to hydrogen engine...

My advice: build 2 rockets 1 for research, and 1 for importing the materials you need. 

After finish my new improved regolith melter i will test a theory. :) 

Post edit

On the right regolith input, on the left clay output. Down, polluted oxygen input, Top, oxygen output send to the oxylite generator and from there straight to my rocket..






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