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Repair and mass deletion

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Repairing stuff makes you lose a bit of the material used to build the damaged building meanwhile deconstructing it gives you a full refund. This means that deconstucting a building and rebuilding it is more optimal than repairing it. It matters especially with high tier buildings made out of refined metals or steel.

My proposition is the building dropping the same amount of mass you use to repair it:

Buildings made out of raw mineral would drop crushed rock.
Crushed rock couldn`t be used to build but could be crushed into sand.

Buildings made out of raw or refined metal would drop JUNK.
Junk would be a special material that can`t be used to build anything but could be refined into refined metal or fed to smooth hatches. It would retain the element it`s made of. Steel junk could only be refined in a smelter.

Buildings made of glass would drop sand.

Buldings made out of plastic would drop bottled naphta.

If that gets added then deconstructing damaged buildings you should get the constructin materials back minus the damage material thar would be junk, crushed rock or whatever that would be dropped as well.

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I like the idea, but only partly.

The idea of refunding a completely different material can be really restrictive to players who don't have large supplies of materals, or could be extremely punishing to players just learning how to play and making natural mistakes.

Deconstruction for undamaged buildings should simply refund the full material used, no change needed at all. Deconstructing damaged but not fully broken buildings should simply refund the original material, subtracting the material needed to repair it. Fully broken machines/buildings should return possibly downgraded materials, or just significantly less of the original material invested.

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+1 for having all kind of junk/scrap/trash/depleted rock/dust/slug/ash to compensate mass losses in different production lines, we already have a lot of such blackholes where we losing mass in some devices, this stuff we can get as a rest mass. It is realistic, most processes have all this trash  byproducts, so you suppose to deal with it(bury, throw away in open space, recycle).

Also, are you sure we getting 100% of resources when deconstructing building? I never count but always had impression that we get only 50%, so losing mass on deconstruction. If i'm right we could get 100% junk by mass from deconstructed building(or 75% junk and 25% material), so in this case we get penalty for building-destructing cycle, but we could recycle junk back into building material(with some extra work). And for repiring building you just exchange: spend construction material and receive back equal mass of scrap.

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18 hours ago, D.L.S. said:

Also, are you sure we getting 100% of resources when deconstructing building?

You always get 100%. That`s the point. If you repair stuff you lose mass. It`s not a huge issue with low tier stuff, you`ll probably never running out of rock but with metal and steel it starts getting problematic to the point you`d rather deconstruct the building than repair it. With adding junk as a byproduct of repairs we fix that and allow to recycle the lost mass back into metal.

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15 hours ago, Sasza22 said:

You always get 100%.

Hm strange, i almost sure that few patches ago i was deconstructing pipes and wires and i seen half of resources only.

But anyway we still lose half of resources during mining, so we lose tons of materials just from digging them, i think this is primary issue.

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