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  1. I got this bug once and loading fixes it. Will try to find exact steps to reproduce it too
  2. you can also type "spaced out" in the steam search. From store page I was not able to find it
  3. Possibly occures after load. Rebuilding pipes doesn't help, only rebuilding of engines. Spaced Out Alpha rocket bug.sav
  4. First of all I would like to express gratitude for letting me to try this Alpha. It was a lot of fun. Here is my list of thoughts: 1. Reed fiber should be available on 2 starting asteroids or there should be means to produce it via Machinery. I was lucky to get Drecko eggs in the very beginning from the Printing Pod, but it should not be a gamble. I don't know why it is intended that you can get suits only when reach 3d asteriod. 2. We should have possibility to send limited amount of solids through the Warp pipes. Currently it's just impossible to send 600 Steel or 3 suits to the "other side". 3. Mechatronics skill should be easier to obtain. You give possibility to fly Rockets from the very beginning but what is the reason of colonizing new asteroids if you can't open a can. 4. Diagnostics. We need possibility to provide a minimum threshold. I like the overall idea, but constant beeping about breathability when dupe stepped out of home area is RELLY ANNOYING. Idleness check is also should be suppressed for certain dupes. On my 2nd asteroid only 2 dupes left, one is farming and one is pumping oil. Yes, they have nothing to do most of the time. No, I have no further tasks for them. 5. Rockets. If we have possibility to send a dupe to space without enough fuel to return then we need a possibility to at least dispose the rocket with dead body somehow. Also, it should be possible to choose what dupe will be send to a surface via trailblazer. Now it's kind of random. 6. Solar should be nerfed but starting asteroid should have more fuel. Probably we need a new critter with a new resource for a 1st asteroid. Hope it will help to make a better game. Thanks again!
  5. I brought the dupe in the suit to a new asteroid, forgot to unequip its suit, didn't manage to build toilet in time. Now Catalina is stuck in 100% stress with permanent Soiled suit debuff. Spaced Out Alpha suit bug.sav
  6. I'm still waiting for you to fix: broken oxylite supply for rockets self-breaking bunker doors self-undocking exosuits with Vacancy-Only setting Telescope is being used when all research is completed Self-breaking wire in the very left position in the space and dozens and dozens of bugs that we have for months or even years. And you give me a chair to relax my dupes. DUPES SHOULD WORK, YOU HEAR ME MEEP, YOU LAZY MUSTARD
  7. Directly after today's update for 7 MB I noticed that 2 gas pumps now output 300 g/s instead of 1000. It seems that now pumps conflict. gas_pump_bug.sav
  8. Why? Whyyyyyy??? After this It is currently not possible to change any room in the space without loosing a gas inside it e.g you can't build multiple layers of wall and then deconstruct them inside.
  9. It doen't work for me at all. Common situation: dupe is blocked by fallen sand, starting to suffocate. Marking sand with !!, nothing happens.
  10. the same issue for me. More, if you load the game when a rocket is on route the engine appears on the ground and only head module returns
  11. can't find the way to produce isoresin, is it already can be produced by dupes or not?