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  1. Unfortunately it didn't work. It seems that this achievement in Steam counts only in moment when condition is fulfilled, not later
  2. could you please provide a savegame? I want this achievement but I really don't want to bother to do it
  3. aha, here is the trick. I will try, thanks Ok, what I got: 115 fps while zoomed on lava on 3x, 31 when max zoomed out and around 70 with realistic static camera positions. P.S. cycle 21382, you're crazy:)
  4. have you done something additionally to optimize the game? I have i9 9900 and 32Gb RAM and late game fps is never exceeds 27-30 fps
  5. Is Locavore achievable?

    I already got 4 from the Printer Pod:)
  6. Is Locavore achievable?

    I planted Buddy Buds onto Wall pots only, they should not count Have you used Pips to plant stuff?
  7. Hello, Does anybody achieved it? I spent 76 cycles in a new colony with 8 dupes constantly starving and consumed far more than 400K calories. Does usage of Mush Bars doesn't allow you to get this achievement?
  8. Use radiant pipes. They will become hot and your steam will be safe
  9. If you start to make power with it constantly, you will face 2 problems: 1) Turbine will become too hot without cooling (100C) 2) Magma after cooling down to a certain temperature will become a solid igneous rock which will entomb your volcano
  10. I can't see any turbine cooling here. Also, how are you going to deal with magma turning into solid squares? I think it's a pretty best design for the current state of the game. Thx to Brothgar's idea of self cooling.
  11. you can make LOX with Thermo Regulator using Hydrogen gas and than farm planets with Gold. But yes, it's a PITA
  12. Maybe I am stupid but why you do all of this if you can simply do this. 71 tons of plastic, ladders, transit tubes, never built Plastic refinery. No high tech required at all
  13. "Stop making all these multiplayer games, I have no friends." As a software developer for 13+ years I can suggest that OP is a huge green troll or he is not very smart coDDer.