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  1. I'm still waiting for you to fix: broken oxylite supply for rockets self-breaking bunker doors self-undocking exosuits with Vacancy-Only setting Telescope is being used when all research is completed Self-breaking wire in the very left position in the space and dozens and dozens of bugs that we have for months or even years. And you give me a chair to relax my dupes. DUPES SHOULD WORK, YOU HEAR ME MEEP, YOU LAZY MUSTARD
  2. Directly after today's update for 7 MB I noticed that 2 gas pumps now output 300 g/s instead of 1000. It seems that now pumps conflict. gas_pump_bug.sav
  3. Why? Whyyyyyy??? After this It is currently not possible to change any room in the space without loosing a gas inside it e.g you can't build multiple layers of wall and then deconstruct them inside.
  4. It doen't work for me at all. Common situation: dupe is blocked by fallen sand, starting to suffocate. Marking sand with !!, nothing happens.
  5. the same issue for me. More, if you load the game when a rocket is on route the engine appears on the ground and only head module returns
  6. can't find the way to produce isoresin, is it already can be produced by dupes or not?
  7. Well, the issue is self -explaining (just look on the screenshot). It looks that oil with higher temperature wants to go left and up (40.9 left upper corner and 27.6 right bottom)